letting you know my experience Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I just finally thought I found a toolbar for twitter that I could use, you are very convincing in your description .........but, I run FF 11.0 and I was immediately told by FF that I can not use your version of twitter toolbar. It would have saved me effort and time had you mentioned what version of FF your product is up-to-date for.

Ad-Ware Toolbar Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I downloaded this ten minutes ago and deleted it four minutes ago. All I wanted was a simple toolbar or button where I could post my tweets, not a lot of other stuff not mentioned in your pitch.

I don't appreciate the misleading info that results in about 10 other buttons showing up in the toolbar, all with ad-ware to other sites and services, all at a cost of course. Don't state your Add-on is simple way to post tweets when in fact it is a promo tool for other sites, none of which I want on my toolbar, services I don't want at all and if I did I could find sources myself -- with a better rep and manner of advertising.

This type tactic is unethical and unfair. I don't even want give you a 1 star rating because of this but can't post my review unless I do, and that is not right either. This isn't a first. Six hours ago, my FF locked up because of another add-on and I had to shut down entirely because nothing reopened after adding that "Easy to Post to Tweeter" add-on. I am just about fed up enough that I am fixing to kill FF altogether. Their name is on these add-ons. I don't need this kind of horse poop trying to simplify matters for myself.

A simple, uncluttered, easy method to post tweets while on a website, doing research, prowling the NY Times, or updating my blogs --- that's all I wanted. And I still don't have it.

Essential tool for 'Twitterers' Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is an essential must have tool for all Twitterer's (people who Tweet/microblog using Twitter). It is the most fastest way to update your Twitter microblog, and its very simple.
The design is great - it is very simple and uncluttered. There is one large box where you type your status update in, or select from one of the status updates including a smart one,"Viewing this website: ". However, some of these generic status updates could have been written in a more friendlier way.
Other than that, this is a great toolbar for updating your Twitter page.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.09).