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  • It'd be better if there was a menu bar option you could add via the customize functionality so you could toggle it on or off from there rather than the view menu.
  • Exactly what I needed, it shares the same space as the bookmarks' sidebar, which is what I prefer. I can also switch between my bookmarks and twitter easily, which is more convenient. The more popular "Twitter App" opens a transient pop-up that never loads properly and always closes itself when I try to upload images/videos or open links, so I find this the better alternative for me.
  • It is no way to turn this thing on after turn it off!
    You use the "open sidebar" menu option under the "view" menu. Or, you click "Customize" on the hamburger menu and place the sidebar button on your toolbar. Firefox UI is customizable, sidebars can easily be opened and closed by that button.
  • I have no complaints.
  • How can I open the sidebar?
  • I never thought that the Firefox community is better than the Chrome (I like to call it 'Puke', not 'Chrome) community! The only bad thing is that it's giant.
  • That's what I want. But font size is too small for Korean chars. I want to set font size.