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  • It's great aside from two points:
    1. No hotkey to open & close the add-on.
    2. Can't copy text, though this may be on twitter and not the add-on.

    Would also be cool to (have the option to) remove the scroll-bar, but that is likely limited by Firefox.
  • clap clap
  • simple, straight and lets me do what i need to do without leaving quantum firefox. Thank you!
  • It just works and works well. Ideal for my use as I only go onto Twitter from time to time.
  • I have only the same complaint as others, cannot copy the text from a tweet. Other than that, it works just fine for me
  • Works alright but text cannot be selected and links can't be copied.
    Text copying should be at least fixed for accessibility.
  • Can't get the sidebar back after I closed it.
  • Muy buen extension solo le hace falta el modo oscuro que realemente muchas personas apreciariamos que la tuviera
  • 4 stars, because doesn't have an on/off button to display/hide Twitter sidebar, for easy access.
  • Dark mode please
  • I need auto refresh.
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