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  • Twitkit+ by a different author supports Firefox3.6. Please try it.
  • Please update!!
  • A couple of days ago hashtags.org started working again. It seems they have dropped "tag/" from their URL scheme though, so it would be nice if that could be updated in TwitKit. Also, a preference to use Twitter's own hashtag search would be cool too.

    @Anonymus1984AD You have to add the icon to your toolbar. Right-click near your address bar and "customize" to add/remove icons including TwitKit, Delicious, etc. Alternatively, you can open/close it manually via "Tools > TwitKit > Open/Close".
  • Installed this plugin. Couldn't find an icon or anything to bring the sidebar up... I looked for something that I can click on to bring up the interface. I tried clicking on the preferences button in the add-ons dialog. The plugin is there and is configurable. I just can't seem to figure out how to launch it once it has been installed.
  • Мне понравилось) Автор молодец)
  • Installed this as I wanted an alternative to TwitterFox but this wasn't it. I could live with it nuking my bookmarks sidebar, though I'd prefer something that just popped up on demand by mouseover or hotkey. But what killed it for me was that after signing in I tabbed to follow friends which provoked multiple popups requiring me to sign in to TwitterAPI, whatever that is. Since Firefox couldn't remember this login for some reason it makes this addon unusable. Needs to be better integrated.
  • Very good add-on. Better on-screen navigation (pgup/dn and mouse pgup/dn) than Twitterfox. Could just do with it sitting on the FF status bar at the bottom rather than having to start/stop it via the tools menu.
  • The best twitter add-on/client for firefox I have ever seen! I am in love with it! I really love the fact that you can put the TwitKit sidebar and turn it into a separate small firefox windows! I highly recommend this Twitter add-on for those who have been waiting so long to see a nicely done Twitter client for Firefox.
  • This service itself works fine, however I have only given it three stars due the fact that when it's enabled, I have no text in my recently visited URL's Menu.
  • Great service, but it is currently disable to user updates. People are hoping that they don't discontiue the service. That's how good TwitKit is. Save TwitKit!!
  • Very useful addon! I have a couple of issues with it:

    1) There needs to be a tab for DMs. This is a huge issue for me, as I don't want to lose them—and going to the website for DMs defeats the purpose of having the addon.

    2) The font size for the input box is ridiculously large. If it were the same size as the updates, a three-line input box would take up about the same room, but you would be able to see nearly the entire 140 character update.
  • If you're willing to sacrifice the screen real estate this is a pretty clean add-on altogether. I myself prefer TwitterFox but someone else might prefer having all their incoming/outgoing Tweets right there in plain sight at all times.
  • TK is okay. However, in the battle for sidebar supremacy I would currently have to award Twitbin the crown due to its much cleaner interface and frequent development.

    * It does "Just Work", sends and receives tweets perfectly fine. Decent options. Provides many of the same functions that other Twitter clients offer.
    * No noticeable issues when used with All-in-One Sidebar.
    * Some minor theming support.

    * TwitKit's interface seems clunky. The control panel and text entry box take up too much real estate. Being a sidebar based add-on, layout and usage of space needs to be a major consideration.
    * The icons used seem like a hodge-podge collection of free ones gathered from the web.
    * Poor use of whitespace to delineate tweets, controls, etc.
  • Love it. work like a charm. no complain.
  • Dispose d'un grand nombre de fonctionnalités pour les utilisateurs avancés. Souple, paramétrable, et non intrusive pour la navigation, cette extension dispense d'installer un client binaire. Bravo.
  • Love it. Like to see cleaner look along with simple toolbar icons for fast access. Also like to see multiple account capability. Definitely like it better than TwitBin.
  • I really love TwitKit! I have it open in my sidebar so I can watch my twitter friends, and since it has the ability to post tweets directly from the addon, I don't have to go to another web page, pull up a client, or even interrupt my browsing at all. Plus, if you want to follow a link from a Tweet, it'll open in a new page, so you won't lose the one you're on. I've been using it for months and HIGHLY recommend it!
  • Hi, sofar it's ok. But I miss some things:
    1) a good help
    "help" in the menu leads to a depicrated wiki. And the new wiki does not have all the informations, it should have.
    E.g.: what does the buttons in the top right corner mean?
    where can I find the description?
    Also are there some wrong descriptions: the "show from [application]" option is not in TwitKit (anymore?).
    2) I'd like to see WHEN somebody posted a twit in the "@s", too
    3) the themes are not polished: white letters on a bright background (pastel) is not really easy to read.
    4) the text box (i.e. the ones you are writing your status in) is not resize-able. That would be a great help

    but thanks so far for your job
  • It may seem stupid. . .I LOVE this app but I have 2 Twitter accts and need to sign out and in occasionally. I am going to have to get rid of it if I can't figure it out.
  • I Love TwitKit...but itis not compatible yet with 3.03! So,PLEASE update asap if possible!
  • Please Twitkit can receive a direct message.
  • Perfect - it does what I need! Thank you :)
  • It works well enough, even functions well with the All-In-One Sidebar, but there's some bad interaction with either that or some other add-on that renders the list of recently visited pages all but invisibly small and quite unusable. Maybe it's some other add-on's problem, but this was the last in, so it's first out.
  • I really love TwitKit - it makes it really easy to view activity in a few different ways, and I like being able to send my tweets right from the sidebar.

    While the upgrade did eliminate the text names on the tabs, if you hover over the tab icon, it'll show you the name right above it.

    I use it with the Flock browser and haven't had any troubles. I'd gladly recommend it to fellow Twitters :)
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