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  • I had some issues with Twitch where the video froze but the stream continues when my computer has a big workload. This extension fixed all of that and everything loads faster! Now that I'm used to the UI, I don't think I can ever go back!
  • I can't use chat, it asks me to login but when I do it just refreshes the page and doesn't log me in. I've had to uninstall it.
  • Does not work with BTTV and unable to use chat. It prompts a login but I am still unable to send any chat messages
  • Great add-on! Recently I started having trouble with chat ("Please disable popup blockers and try again." but the popup window showed up fine, but the login itself didn't work). I tried a lot of things (disabled built in popup blocker, allowed all cookies, allowed an exception for twitch cookies, disabled all other add-ons, ... ).

    In the end I found a fix, which was turning "privacy.firstparty.isolate = false" in my about:config settings.

    I had set this to "true" a long time ago (I found this in a privacy guide) and it never was a problem for the alternate twitch player / twitch chat. But apparently something changed recently, so it became a problem. But now that I set it to "false" again, twitch chat works well again.

    edit: Thanks for the reply, yes, you're probably right, I didn't think of that.
    "it never was a problem", because your old authorization cookie was still available, but now it has expired (on Twitch server).
  • Amazing, but recently having troubles with the chat, asks to login every time i chat and pops up a second window to login but doesnt work????
    Read the player help.
  • Doesn't work with VODs :/
  • I was amazed by how much better my Twitch experience got with this player. My internet is OK but both the official player and streamlink lag constantly, this one goes 1080p60 95% of the time without any lags. WP!
  • video to stop running after opening any channel and moving the mouse, only the audio continues to run.
    I deactivated all addons leaving only the Alternate Player for Twitch.tv, anyway, the video stops working.

    Thank you, it's working now.
    If you have Firefox 67, try to disable WebRender (https://www.google.com/search?q=disable+firefox+webrender). Otherwise, contact Firefox support.
  • Extensão muito boa! Melhor alternativo de Player já existe do Twitch, por enquanto tá tranquilo