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  • Comments keep getting back to old position, and you have to scroll everytime to see the new comments on stream if you press C while in full screen.
  • Refusal to publish release notes here.
  • Overall a very good add-on. 4 stars because of the white flash that occurs whenever starting any stream, it is kinda annoying and would give 5 star if it gets fixed.
  • VOD support when?
  • I had some issues with Twitch where the video froze but the stream continues when my computer has a big workload. This extension fixed all of that and everything loads faster! Now that I'm used to the UI, I don't think I can ever go back!
  • I can't use chat, it asks me to login but when I do it just refreshes the page and doesn't log me in. I've had to uninstall it.
  • Does not work with BTTV and unable to use chat. It prompts a login but I am still unable to send any chat messages
  • Great add-on! Recently I started having trouble with chat ("Please disable popup blockers and try again." but the popup window showed up fine, but the login itself didn't work). I tried a lot of things (disabled built in popup blocker, allowed all cookies, allowed an exception for twitch cookies, disabled all other add-ons, ... ).

    In the end I found a fix, which was turning "privacy.firstparty.isolate = false" in my about:config settings.

    I had set this to "true" a long time ago (I found this in a privacy guide) and it never was a problem for the alternate twitch player / twitch chat. But apparently something changed recently, so it became a problem. But now that I set it to "false" again, twitch chat works well again.

    edit: Thanks for the reply, yes, you're probably right, I didn't think of that.
    "it never was a problem", because your old authorization cookie was still available, but now it has expired (on Twitch server).
  • Amazing, but recently having troubles with the chat, asks to login every time i chat and pops up a second window to login but doesnt work????
    Read the player help.
  • Doesn't work with VODs :/