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  • coolos

  • there is no login button, it used to work just fine but now i can't login anymore, pls fix

  • Can you, please, add option to get notifications when streamer switches games?


  • Completely abstracts away needing to navigate using Twitch. App does have some persistent bugs on Firefox, though.

  • Полезное приложение. Уведомления о стримах приходят исправно, очень удобно.

  • Cant keep settings :(

  • 對於 twitch 使用者來說真的是很便利的擴充,隨時可以快速查閱追蹤、遊戲、熱門等等各種頻道資訊,也有各種排序可以依照自己習慣來選擇,算是一套滿完整的擴充解決方案。

  • If you are using twitch, this is something you need !

  • Getting this annoying bug where the entire frame turns black when I scroll. It's too bad that the chrome extension "Twitch Live" doesn't exist on Firefox, I never had any issues with that extension. Anyway, I'm using Firefox Quantum right now, not sure if that is the issue. But I didn't have this black glitch when I tried this extension on the Quantum beta.

  • Thanks for adding multiprocess support!

  • Hell Yeah!

  • After last update, it keeps logging of twitch everytime i exit firefox. Also the follow option doesnt work through twitchnow. Besides that great addon.

  • Was awesome but since last update it keeps login off, and you have to do it manually

  • Was great until the latest update, please fix.

  • excellent

  • Finally worked for Firefox Quantum! Thanks team!

  • Auto login issue was fixed, thanks. Five stars now.

  • Please update for Firefox Quantum v57

  • Please update add-on for mozilla Firefox BETA Quantum V57. Thank you.

  • An amazing add-on. But one problem, everytime I have to open firefox, I have to click on the add-on in order for it to work. Please fix this issue.

  • It works really good. Keep updating please because it's legacy now and doesn't support multiprocess.

  • I really like this addon, but since FF 54 the addon will prevent FF to use Multiprocess Windows. I'm hopping it will receive an update soon to fix this.

  • I've downloaded this add-on around a year ago.

    It's so useful that it's almost a native feature for me, receiving notifications without having to go to Twitch or to checking your mailbox is a must-have.

    I can only recommend it!

  • Could you please add the option for the tream viewer to first show stream in specified language?

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