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  • Update: I thought it wasn't working, but it's working.

  • I won't download this update because it modifies the web page.As a web developer I can't install anything like that because it will affect the apperance of clients' designs and that is unacceptable. I don't want to switch profiles to do this. If would be nicer if you could toggle it on / off but I doubt there's any way to do this, please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • very cool. actually use it a lot more than i thought i would... especially useful for random people whom i wouldn't typically search.

  • Wonderful tool and works absolutely without any bug, I like it!

  • All the results from Google, bing, and yahoo at one place? Can't believe it. It has become so simple to research now,.

  • Neat addon!

  • Really cool addon, i love it when I'm reading about people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

  • You got A Recommendation, And you deserve it. Congrats to the Developers!

  • Nice job. Great to find new interesting "twitterers"

  • An on/off switch (toolbar button and/or context extension item) is a prerequisite as I'm concerned.
    This said, the number of extensions whose function requires following the pages you visit is absolutely amazing.

  • Works GREAT! Nice job.

  • I'd rate this at 5 stars, BUT there is no privacy policy regarding the web pages you visit. I know you can opt out of certain domains, but nowhere does it state what information is gathered. Does it track browsing habits? does it harvest email addresses? does it count clicks on twitter names? identify your twitter account?
    The privacy policy at the company's site relates to its websites and has nothing on this extension.

  • I've been using this for about a week and I it's pretty cool. I haven't noticed any slow-down, and almost any page I go to has multiple twitter icons linking to somebody's recent messages. This adds another interesting layer to my web browsing. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  • This is a great extension and should be installed on all browsers. However not all twitter accounts are picked up and I can't find a way to alert the developers to this. eg Aberdeen City Council (@aberdeencc) doesn't work. Nor do many other councils. Even the mighty Stephen Fry, the most followed UK tweep isn't identified. Is there a feedback mechanism?

  • Downloaded the add-on last week and am now totally addicted to it. It's super-cool! It lets me follow tweets everywhere on the internet...

  • Can we have a version that works with Firefox 4 Beta ? This is something I'd love to see but I'm not reverting to Firefox 3.x in any hurry.

  • This is a gem I discovered through an article in today's (July 7 2010) Wall Street Journal. Very unobtrusive most of the time, but look carefully and on pages where there are celebrities, sportspeople etc, it adds a twitter logo next to their name and you can follow their tweets right there! I had my a-ha moment when I visited some World Cup articles and saw tweets from the players. I didn't even know they were on Twitter!

  • Fantastic add-on! I love being able to see tweets from the people I'm reading about. It adds some "moments of delight" that makes everything I'm reading more fun and personal.

  • very cool and handy. Now I don't have to ask tweetie about what my celebs say :)

    Do you have plans for making this work on ipad?

  • Amazing! I want it on offline sites too.

  • Very cool plugin! Finally makes Twitter useful for the rest of us that don't want to bother with Twitter accounts and finding people to follow.

  • Read about this in the WSJ, really cool plugin

  • Read about this in the WSJ, really cool plugin