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  • I like this add-on a lot.
    Please let users know if this add-on will able to be updated or not so... we will know if will work on Firefox Nightly 57+ or not. Because if can add-on needs updated to e10s and Web Extensions to work. Thank youI like this add-on a lot.
    Thank you
  • Immediately felt the seed increase! Thought Firefox was going to get pulled over for sure! lol. Before installing this addon, each time I went to Youtube, I was able to scroll to the bottom way before all of the video thumbnails loaded. Now I can't scroll to the bottom fast enough! Some pages load in seconds and some load instantly! Get this addon NOW! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Oh yeah, here's a tip! Open 'options', click 'power', and set 'Pipelining maxrequests' to 99999999, hit 'apply'. Sounds insane but trust me! :^D
  • lol...4k videos load faster :)jeee
  • This addon really boosts the page loading speed.....just install it and experience the difference.
  • I select Power, Apply and OK, but it only works as long as I keep my browser open. Next time I open Firefox, and every time after, it has gone back to Default and I have to set it to Power again. It is a shame, because it is quite effective at speeding up page loading.
  • Ya no funciona, cada vez que abro Firefox las configuraciones se revierten.
  • Overall this is good, but does anybody notice that pipelining makes YouTube thumbnails on video pages load excruciatingly slowly?
  • aiuta tantissimo
  • Дуже гарно зроблено!!Значно бистріше ускоряє зугрузку сайта!!!
  • if you want online speed and you dont have this, then you dont want speed. the most underrated add-on on firefox - period. it's like turning a flashlight into a LASER. stop wasting time reading reviews and get it.

    when you get it - open it - hit the power button - then make some adjustments to the numbers yourself to make it even faster.

    can't handle the speed? too easy, just uninstall it.
  • I've been getting extremely frustrated with my network connection as the modem we use is not giving out the best signal, in my room I'm getting Low-Poor-Fair signal strength only...however, this add-on changed my connectivity entirely! Thanks a lot.
  • Definitely speeds up browsing! Never been without it! Although I do love FF I've invested so much time perfecting my add-ons and other stuff, but the lady is asking if you've got something similar for chrome?
  • Made a noticeable improvement. I'm very pleased.
  • I like this developer. He is good!
  • for me it works, the load time of websites has been reduced, good combo with memory fox
  • I made a few other changes to FireFox at the same time that I added this, so I can't be absolutely certain that this works. But something sure spend up my browser. Thanks to the developer.
  • TOP Perfect thanks !!! ;-)
  • I've been using this add-on since about 2007. I really like how it improves overall performance and page loading on Firefox.
  • nice add-ons
  • It works as advertised. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because you have to click in the menu to operate it and I would like to have the option of an quick icon.

    I would like to see more options in the about:config to change through this addon like page load time settings. I realize it is called tweak network and not tweak firefox. Thanks though for the addon.
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  • Does what it says, I'm on a slow satellite connection and there was an improvement in load times for both frequently loaded pages, and random pages.
  • bueno y rapido