Something unexpected....involves Flash and recent Javablock p182 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I rated this of high importance because, although it seems to be a Java problem, I had closed all windows except for an online virus scanner (ESET) and left the 'puter running when I stopped operations for the day at about 3:15 AM CST yesterday 1/13. When I started FFox today (latest ver 18.0 from the release channel), I was confronted with an opening screen that had brought up the "Turn off the lights" add-on intro screen. (I had removed it and reinstalled but not run TOTL after installing it for the 2nd time, intending to read up on it a bit more before putting it thru all its paces, so I got a first-run screen). I have "Tools-->options-->Advanced-->auto-install updates---> warn me if this will disable any add-ons" checked, and found the opening TOTL screen up and not working, a greyed-out Flash app screen, and FFox-generated block warning saying "Java Plugin 7 update 10 and lower (click-to-play), Windows has been blocked for your protection." - apparently as a result of this add-on's call, or maybe just automatically by our FFox gurus. (note- I had just upgraded to the latest Flash version 11.5.502.146 earlier that day, and checked it on the Flash test page, nothing unusual). What this may have to do with this nice add-on I have no idea, but felt others shd. know. (also reported to developer thru his preferred process) And it's in no way a knock on the fine TOTL add-on, because the Ffox block mentioned only Java Plugin 7, the 2 events are probably just coincidental in time. But Stefan the developer surely would want to know this, I felt. Especially in view of the newest Jan. 14 detected malware fake Flash upgrade- I got mine from, verified the site offering the dl B4 even THINKING of messing with yet another Flash upgrade... because even legit Flash is turning into an update-every-week horror, highly useful in making unsophisticated users vulnerable to sophisticated social engineering/Trojan injections. And since it was a Flash-fake-upgrade war-grade supervirus that destroyed my dream Win7 Premium 3GHz. 1-TB HD, desktop system recently (down to the partition level, & which had loaded so many Trojans it took a full DoD-level reformat-OS reinstall job), I have a genuine terror of getting Flash/Java-virused again, and will be constantly (but not simultaneously) running only anti- virus/spyware/trojan/rootkit wares for the foreseeable future.. Becky, pls. excuse my ignorance, but what does the word "legal" have in the way of special connotations or subtexts around here...? Thanks, all!

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Thanks for your report!

Thanks for that information!

Sombra es preciosa/Shadow is Golden Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Muchas gracias, Sr., no sabia tan util y gustoso un servicio como esto podria ser, hasta que Vd. me lo ofrecio'. Thank you sir, I didn't realize how useful and pleasant such an add-on could be until you offered it. Un gran idea for all heavy/activo multitasking YouTube y Facebook users & many-window surfers!

BENEFITS: Very much improves the video viewing clarity for we who want a more optimal vid-viewing experience w/ other windows open WITHOUT the necessity of constantly optimizing the video browser's & server's settings, in say, full-screen. Many clicks & much time saved! HIGHLY Recommended for such users, esp. those with enviable-class monitors!

PLEASE keep it updated as much as you can for new OS's and those atrocious,pointless new SueTube layout/server changes. My original, self-made vids there brought them over 8 million hits, and now my new views are falling off to 5% of what they were before the incredibly stupid changes... my new vids go to Vimeo now. YT is dying, so don't worry too much about them. They aren't making any money, no matter what their market cap allegedly is- just annoying their users and contributors more and more as they flail about desperately.

Also, your add-on is another clear example of how the Mozilla/Open-Source-values browser model, driven by user preferences and their own skills, puts IE... well.... in the shadows. :-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


We working very hard to make this extension work on all platform (browser).

My extension work for all video site include, TOtL detect all video elements.

Thanks again for your review!