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72 reviews for this add-on
  • Good application

  • Ok it's good

  • I can't really tell if this is actually doing anything. Also it seems like the max connections limit is 5, whereas uses 15-200 connections.

  • Many connection issues today with all sites. I have cleared all history. I have rebooted. I have restarted router.
    Same problem. Only running NordVPN ocassionally since it seemed to be the issue. But it is not.
    Any suggestions??

  • good

  • Práctica.

  • Bagus untuk download

  • good

  • Goog

  • like it good

  • Great new advances

  • Testing 123.

  • Ok

  • One of the best I expected from this site https://

  • Doesn't work. AT ALL.

  • Wait

  • دوست داریم ببینیم افزودنی ها رو جالب هست برامون

  • Bien

  • This extension erroneously reports download sizes as -1. Using Windows 10, Firefox 60.0.2.

  • Mr30

  • If this thing actually downloads anything, I would love to know where the hell it puts it..... the downloaded image can not be found, and neither is there an option to specify where the user wants to put it.
    Just another failure of the bright idea FF had in changing to this crap version.

  • Does NOT work. Avoid.

  • guardad!!ª!!

  • best