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  • Never been able to post any video thru your plugin...
    On right click i never get any options to post them.
    Is there any other way to get the post videos?
    For photos it works awesome, simple & clean!
    Thank you so much for this sleek work man!
  • One suggestion is to allow user to choose the type of post to make.

    I highlighted some text and wanted to make a "quote" post but was not given the option.

    The addon is very useful other than that.
  • Quality App.

    Right-Click & post.

    Would love to see an all-in-one with twitter incorporated.

  • Must have addon, if you use Firefox for Android. Tx for the work.
  • Love this extension, as of 30 may 2018 not working with instagram, unable to post pictures from instagram ,any plans to fix it, great extension, thank you

    thank you for the response, still working on other sites, great add on thanks..
    I can't do anything about this unfortunately without implementing some really complex site specific hack which I don't want to do.

    Instagram has put a div over the photos so when you right click them you don't right click on the actual photo. I'm guessing they do this to try to prevent people from downloading them easily..
  • Awesome tool! I would give it 5 stars, but as 'Anonymous user 5f25a2' pointed out, it lacks an option for adding sources in photos (and other kind of posts besides quotes), and that forces me to edit that by hand once the media is posted. It's a great time saving add-on anyway!
    Doesn't the "Use the current page title and url as the caption.." setting for photos that I added a couple of versions ago fill your need for photo posts at least?

    I'll see if I can add something similar for the remaining types of posts as well.
  • An extremely convenient addon for sharing stuff on tumblr. I have been using this for years and was glad that the author took the time to port to WebExtensions.

    I use this to post across many tumblelogs, switching the active tumblelog all the time, and one pet peeve of mine is that I have to constantly open the extension panel before posting to check if I am posting to the right tumblelog. I wish the context menu command indicated the active tumblelog, perhaps by changing "Post x to my tumblelog" to "Post x to ".
    This sounds like a good idea to me. I will put it on my todo list for the extension. Thanks!
  • does not login.
  • Fantastic add-on for anyone who wants to have an easier time reblogging things to their Tumblr. Works with 95% of the things I want it to flawlessly, and the rest are the fault of the site host (looking at you, pixiv).

    If there's one thing the add-on is missing, it's more numerous and more consistent options for adding source and tag information across the various types of reposts. Quotes allow you to use the current page url as a source, but nothing else does. Photos allow you to set the click-through link to the page url, but then that blocks off being able to view the larger image on Tumblr. I'd very much like to automatically tag the url as a source when reposting a Photo in some way other than a link that replaces the image click.
  • usefull!!

    Could you mind add "Set the Caption for photo to Page Title" option?
    Yes, I'll add this to my todo list for the extension. Thanks!
  • An excellent extension with a history of working flawlessly.
    It lacks the ability (as far as I know) to accept multiple images to upload into a single post. All other tumblr post addons seem to fail in this regard too.
    Would be great to have a Chrome version as the best chrome extension now fails to work and has the annoying "attribute" of opening the dialog in a new tab (and etc.).
    Thanks! Uploading multiple images in a single post is currently not possible due to limitations in the Tumblr api and Web Extensions api. While the Tumblr api allows you to upload multiple images to the same post you have to send the actual binary data for the images in an array to Tumblr and the web extension api doesn't have a way of getting the binary data of the images that you want to post.

    Maybe someone else will make a Chrome extension that works for you. I don't care about Chrome at all since it's an inferior web browser.
  • No Popup Menü to show
    That's strange. Are you sure you're logged in? It doesn't show any menu items in the context menu if you haven't logged in on the extension's settings page.
  • THANKS for updating
  • Worked great, but now I am getting a error all of a sudden?
    Servor error: Unable to request OAuth token from Tumblr. Status code: 401

    It comes when I try to sign into Tumblr via the add-on.
  • this feature disabled?
    Yeah, I haven't added that feature to the new version yet.
  • Queueing now works again, thanks a lot for the swift update! great addon :)
  • Settings being reset is kind of expected with a rewrite like this. Should go through and reconfirm your "open popup" settings, etc.

    Edit, Resolved: If you get a blank page instead of Tumblr sign-in, disable other add-ons to be able to log in, then you can re-enable them.

    One gripe: I can't pick a sideblog on the posting pop-up anymore -- have to set the blog on the add-on icon before right-click to reblog. A few more steps, but nothing horrible.
  • I absolutely love this add-on to post images to my tumblelog. Works seemlessly and is now finally updated. I really was afraid that I'd have to look for an alternative in the future. Thanks for the great work!
  • I love it! I Need it! pleaseeeee