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  • Bis jetzt alles bestens , weiter so !
  • love it
  • When I go to a website that has a photo on it that I want to post to my tumblr, this add on makes it into a link post and I can not change the post type to "photo."
  • Awesome!
  • very useful
  • I hope it will be esy using it.
  • Well, it's a bit slow to download.
  • Window dimensions when posting images are set to hide the post button. Resizing the window to make the post button visible lasts until you attempt to click the post button again, which resizes the window to hide it.
  • Same problem as I've seen on other reviews. Using Windows 10, you are unable to select the post button. Trying to change the shape or size of the window does not help since it immediately snaps back into the too big rectangle.
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