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  • Funciona excelente, windows 10.
  • Firefox 68 無法使用

    已修復可用,謝謝Ett Chung
    Fixed, thanks for your report.
  • Simple and convenient.

    Drag text, right click, and 'Read out selected text'. Done.

    It's like a personal radio broadcasting from a news web page. I don't need to even look into the tab.
  • The best addition thanks to which you can select any text and listen to it :-) I recommend! :-D
  • manual input, not compatible with sites that do not allow text selection/highlight
  • Not bad, simple and small, and a good-look icon. But must select some text to quickly read them aloud, and there's no option to change this default behavior, even if there's a toolbar button to click, it seems not designed for quickly read current page contents. Another extension "Read Aloud" may be more suitable for my usage scene.
  • Nice effort...if it worked. I have various voices installed but only "Anna" actually reads. I can't adjust anything, not volume, speed or pitch and the only way it actually acknowledged text at all was when I had to copy and paste. Sorry, wouldn't work for me.
    PLEASE report you issue here: https://github.com/ettoolong/TTSFox/issues
  • Very good extension! My favourite to translate selected text. If the developer want to translate into spanish for free, please contact with me. I can help.
  • 讓偷懶不想看文字的人方便吸取資訊
  • It works, that's nice. But it appeared to be too cumbersome to use.
    Clicking the plugin icon in the toolbar did nothing here (FF58). (Why is it there then?)
    The only way I could quickly find to make it speak:
    1. Select text. (Perhaps this is optional.)
    2. Right-click (selected) text.
    3. Select Open TTS Window from the context menu.
    4. Click Play in the popup.
    I've been spoiled by "Read Out Loud" in Chrome, so I uninstalled this one, sorry.
  • The best TTS add on I've found.
  • It works good on Firefox 63.0.3. Unfortunately does not have a shortcut key and Speed not granular enough. Please add more speeds between 1X and 2X! Thank you.
  • Thank you, great addon.
  • Super plugin.
    + Works with additional system voices.
    + The "read out" option makes it easy to use.
    - No pauses.
    - No stop.
    Update version 0.0.18: Trigger 'read out' function again to stop previous speech.
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