185 reviews for this add-on
  • Great aesthetics; smooth, clean and functional. Highly recommended.
  • I installed this with Thunderbird 52.8 (32 bit) on Win 10 1803
    It displays correctly and looks great; leagues better than the glaring white TBird default . My only wish is that there were a way to make the text pure white, for higher contrast and even better visibility.
  • I've been using this theme for years. It looks fantastic and works great. With Thunderbird 60's release imminent can we expect an update?
  • comlete dark theme with no nissing parts
  • I love this seriously sexy, dark theme! Very readable, great colors and seriously pops! Make more like this!
  • Nice Skin! Thanks for all ur work! But is it possible to get a red verison?
  • The theme works perfectly with Thunderbird 52.6.
    Furthermore, thanks to the author for the feedback.
    I appreciate your work.
  • This theme makes Thunderbird look so perfect, great job!
  • Einfaches SUPER THEME ! Finde ich voll stark ! DANKESCHÖN !! :-)
  • This addon makes thunderbird look amazing. One thing and maybe this is something that exists and I don't know about it but I would appreciate having the option to give the text a bit more contrast against the background (specifically in the Inbox), it would make reading it at a glance easier for me. Still an amazing addon.
  • Thanks you very much :D
  • Please, make an update version for Thunderbird 58 beta!!! I need this, please!!!
  • Très joli, permet de moins fatiguer les yeux.
  • Love it. Would like this to be updated on Version 57. Guys please support Steva by donating on Pledgie. Thank you
    The Pledgie compaign I opened is only for my Thunderbird theme, but I have the feeling that in your comment you meant my FT DeepDark theme for Firefox. These are 2 different add-ons.

    For the moment, my theme for Thunderbird works on the latest TB version which number is 52.5.0 (at least that's the latest one which is available where I am located).

    Now concerning my theme for Firefox, for the moment I can't update it, because complete themes are not supported anymore by Firefox since the version 57. I m waiting for Mozilla to release the new theming system so I could see what's possible to do with it and to rebuild my theme according to it.
  • I like it so much sincs many Years
  • Thank TT DeepDark next to Thunderbird!!!

    TT DeepDark highlights events, tasks and covers plain spaces.

    Also, angular tabs, modern icons are good in my mind.
  • please, make a update for firefox 57. Very thanks
  • Finally found a design that I like and makes getting my emails a pleasure. Thank you. KOR-
  • This theme brings the Thunderbird interface into 2017. Thanks to the author for contributing it to the project!
  • Although i like the traditional Mozilla Thunderbird interface, I thought I'd give this developers theme a go and much to my surprise it literally transforms Thunderbird's slightly washed out and dated appearance and makes it look very modern and sleek indeed.

    Yeah, its got room for improvement, but so far this looks great.

    If you are someone that likes the sleek modern look you owe it to yourself to give this a whirl as it blends in well with Windows 10.

    It even appears to look better than the premium outlook and looks and performs light years ahead of Windows 10 Mail.

    So download Thunderbird and install this theme and also install an add-on called 'Account Colors' and you're set.
  • The theme is AWESOME. In Thunderbird, in particular, it seems to finally allow TB to express the whole set of its possibilities: which, one way or another, the standard theme has never allowed to.

    Just a suggestion, though: wouldn't it be possible, in future releases, to add the possibility of changing at least SOME of the parameters of the theme? For example: the dominant color. That sky blue is cool... but I'd prefer something else ^_^

    Great job!
  • The best Supplement!!! Really looking forward to when the same thing appears for Seamonkey.. pleeas..
  • TT DeepDark is the best theme for Thunderbird!
  • This works really well! Now my desktop is almost completely dark :)
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Keep up the good work, awesome theme
    Thank you!