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Yes, I am using firefox 4.1 beta and I was waiting for this update but it has a little problem, here is what happens, the firefox shows error "page cannot be loaded, server not found" or "link not available" whatever... right after that this addon refreshes automatically and after that the page starts to reload and status bar shows" looking..." and then if the server is found "connecting to..." but here comes the problem while the page is trying to connect to server the "try again addon" hits refresh again so it again goes back to "looking.." then "connecting..." and then again it refreshes, so therefore page never loads, I hope I had made it clear sir, the previous version works great and its very time saving addon, I hope you can fix it soon.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.3.0). 

Thanks for taking the time to file a report. Fortunately, this problem was already posted on the support site, and should be resolved in the upcoming version. If you still have any problems, please post it on the support site.