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  • Very practical. Wishlist: a more polished UI (simply smaller fonts and less padding would do, the popup currently wastes screen space somewhat and overflows vertically), an option to "show all results" as plain text for easier exporting.
    Thank you for the review and the requests.
  • it’s pretty good
  • can not download!
    I can download Try XPath by Firefox 64.0.2(64bit). The cause of the failure may be the Firefox version. Try XPath 1.3.4 supports Firefox 53.0 or later.
  • Sheer waste of time..
  • nice!
  • Is is possible that this add-on doesn't support XPath 2.0?
    Are you planning to add support for it?
    Thank you for the review. This add-on uses the Document.evaluate method to execute a XPath expression and does not support XPath 2.0. I have no plan to support XPath 2.0 now.
  • not downloading.
    I'm sorry. I fixed it.
  • Nice, but much too complicated to use. I did not manage to find a documentation how to use namespaces. Was just using this because Xpath Checker does not work any more with current versions of Firefox.
    Thank you for the review. You can use namespaces by entering a JSON string which pair namespace prefixes with namespace URIs. If you enter {"x":"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml","y":"http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"} in the Resolver input field, you can use following XPath expressions: //x:div//y:image, //x:a, /y:svg/y:rect
  • Context, Namespace and other options could be smaller checkboxes.
    Thanks for the review. But I'm not sure I understand. Would you like to reduce the size of the checkboxes or the size of the titles(Context, namespaceResolver, ...)?
  • Very good solution for make XPath queries to page directly in Firefox interface! Good replacement to abandoned XPath checker extension.
  • There are other add ons to overcome firebug isolation, One of the best tool to verify xpath is Try Xpath add on to firefox developed by larissa9839.

    I have given step by step tutorial for how to use Try Xpath add on on **http://selenium-webdriver.com/java/install-try-xpath-selenium-webdriver.php**

    Keep up the Awesome work.

    Pavankumar Nagaraj
  • good extension
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