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  • Ayy lmao, that slip of the "sexually active popes" wikipedia page on the screen caps. five stars for that.
  • My daily driver for now!
  • It's fast, responsive and actively developed. It's great. I would definitely recommend this extension for vim binding lovers.
  • It's excellent although I would recommend adding visual mode. The best attribute IMO is its accuracy when providing link hints with "F"
  • The learning curve is there, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be so much more productive!
  • Great replacement for vimp and penta! Hobbled a bit by the browser API changes, but they're doing their best.
  • Allowed me to finally switch back to Firefox after the transition to WebExtensions broke Pentadactyl.
  • MUST have. This extension is pure quality and makes it a joy to browse the web with a keyboard.
  • As others have noted the limitations placed by the Webapi and the tabopen/open bug that occasionally opens three or more tabs are annoying (the developers themselves are aware of this), but overall this extension has greatly increased my productivity, and navigating links with the keyboard is much easier than using my laptop's crappy trackpad.

    I've tried Vim Vixen, Vimium and this, they all have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, but so far Tridactyl is my favorite
  • EDIT: The more and more and I use it the more bugs I find. e.g. :tabopen opens 3 blank tabs every time it is used. Extremely annoying.

    Lots of really annoying quirks that are not limitations of this addon but of the WebExtension API. Thus we can't really factor them in the review.

    Some of them include not being able to use any bindings before a page has fully loaded, not being able to use bindings on about:blank, etc...

    One major factor that could definitely be improved upon is performance. There's a noticeable delay when switching tabs and especially when typing commands in the console.

    Also the link-follow UI with the giant yellow rectangles is atrocious. Lots of duplicate links, poor visibility. Vim Vixen does much better in that regard.

    Other than that the addon is really good and I appreciate all the work that's been put into it. Once the WebExtension API improves I don't doubt that we'll see a lot of improvements in Tridactyl too.
    Thanks for the review. We're aware and working on most of the issues you've mentioned.

    > [... T]he link-follow UI with the giant yellow rectangles is atrocious. Lots of duplicate links, poor visibility. Vim Vixen does much better in that regard.

    Please could you file an issue detailing the page(s) where you see duplicate links, or they have poor visibility? We've tried quite hard to remove duplicates from hints. Our issues page is here: https://github.com/tridactyl/tridactyl/issues

  • its not as good as pentadactyl, however that one recently stopped working on pale moon (patch is there but i cant download it yet). but it does the job mostly.
  • Loving not having to reach for the mouse almost ever :)
  • Tridactyl is best replacement for Vimperator currently available. I can't imagine how I'd use browser without it.
  • Even with very little experience with vim, this addons gives you a free productivity boost, even using a single feature such as pressing 'f' to click buttons or links is very useful.
  • Can't live without it
  • This is a fantastic addon that I enjoy so much and install in every firefox browsers I can touch !!