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I wish one addon developer would get dualview/tab splitting done Right for once.

intuitive drag and dropping of a link/tab to a SIDE edge of the current view should split that the window taking that link/tab and opening its own view, more importantly though, and which so far has not happened at all, is that the TABBAR should also be split, and corresponding tabs should be moved accordingly to the top of each split view frame, so each new split would have its own view frame, but also its own tab bar effectively allowing you to have two browsersing in one window, but without all the duplicated control shit.. the second most important thing is that the locationbar, and toolbar buttons should work in a unified manner, so that the last splittab is the one where commands and actions goto. thus no duplicated controls.

right now every one of these tab splitting addons fails, because either it fails to even offer any locationbar/tab control over that split, or its duplicates its own mini toolbar, which is just dumb.

So far the only application to get tab splitting down right is Maxthon2, where the tabbar is split, ok so it only does Dualview, but for most people that is exactly what is required, more than 3window splits is just stupid and not needed in most cases.

What is also need is a way for users to pull out video/swf type objects into there own mini window, with extra ui controls , like tab detach/reteach, always on top window support.. this would mean most people wouldn't even need to split a window into multiple sections. And why dualsplitting with a seperated tabbar, and unified location/toolbar actions work for both split views depending on which is the currently active or last actvice split view.

Please some one get it right, its not hard(or maybe it is with Firefox) but it has been done right, just for Maxthon2 (beta5), which uses the sucky IE engine, and lacks the rest of the FF extensions.