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Version 0.16.2015110801 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 45.0a1

  • The title bar is now hidden for permanently shown menu bar. (Otherwise the menu bar is not draggable to move the window itself.)
  • Regression: Tabs opened via GM_openInTab() are placed at the top of existing child tabs of the current tab, if it is the default position of newly opened children.
  • Regression: "Search with..." in the context menu works correctly.

Version 0.16.2015110701 1.3 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 45.0a1

  • The API TreeStyleTabService.getLastDescendantTab() now returns correct value always.
  • Open "View Source" result as a child of the current tab.
  • Follow the position of the tab bar to changes around the social sidebar.
  • Don't reposition/update the tab bar when the window regains focus or the sidebar is switched between different panels.
  • Don't shrink the width of the tab bar with a scrollbar for too many tabs, on OS X.
  • Don't hide the title bar unexpectedly, after toolbar customizations.
  • Introduce new custom DOM event nsDOMTreeStyleTabTabbarRendered for addons who need to modify appearance of the tab bar, like Unified Sidebar.
  • Hide (shrink) the tab bar correctly after a tab is dragged and dropped or any FireGestures's gesture is performed.
  • The configuration dialog applies new "auto hide" preference only for the correct mode: normal or full screen.
  • Fix misspelling of Leftside and Rightside - they simply became Left and Right.
  • Perform searches from the web search bar and the context menu correctly, when e10s is activated.
  • Show the tab bar at correct position, after the DOM fullscreen mode.
  • Hide tab bar related elements completely in the DOM fullscreen mode.
  • Tabs opened via GM_openInTabs() from Greasmeonkey scripts become children of the current tab again.
  • Introduce new internal preferences to control debug prints. You can activate/deactivate debug print per module via preferences like extensions.treestyletab.debug.*.
  • Fix broken appearance of overlay icons on pinned tabs.
  • Reduce eval() hack to avoid errors around invalid references to objects defined with ECMAScript 6's const in separate scopes for Firefox sources.
  • Restore order of rearranged tabs more correctly.
  • Don't show gray rect of pinned tabs on full screen videos and collapsed tab bar.
  • Don't update the size of the tab bar too frequently. This change solves conflict with the Unified Sidebar addon.
  • On Linux, show the icon of the "all tabs" button in the vertical tab bar correctly.
  • Introduce an internal method gBrowser.treeStyleTab.dumpTreeInformation() to dump tree structure information stored in each tab, for debugging around unexpectedly broken tree.

Version 0.15.20150902901 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 44.*

  • Fix many compatibility issues around spec changes at Firefox 40 and later. (Including patches by Xidorn Quan. Thanks!)
  • Drop support for Firefox 31.
  • Re-introduce configuration UIs for the size of the tab bar and its fixedness. Now it works to reset size of the tab bar in all existing windows.
  • Toolbar customization works correctly even if the tab bar is placed not on the top. In old versions, only the first time worked.
  • Current tab is shown with highlighted color correctly at the "Plain" skin.
  • Mouse events are correctly handled for the "auto hide" feature for tabs even if their remoteness is dynamically changed.

Version 0.15.2015030601.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 31.0 - 44.*

  • Width of the tab bar, position of the tab bar, and status of the "auto hide" feature are saved and restored for each window.
  • Better compatibility with Duplicate in Tab Context Menu addon.
  • Better compatibility with ColorfulTabs. Annoyingly horizontal scroll of the tab bar (happend by clicking on any tab) has been solved.
  • Isolated from obsolete String.prototype.quote().
  • Isolated from deprecated JavaScript 1.7's let blocks.
  • Isolated from obsolete nsIPopupBoxObject interface on Firefox 36 and later.
  • Update appearance of the tab bar correctly, after the sidebar is shown/hidden at Firefxo 39 and later.
  • Reset z-index of vertical tabs always to prevent tabs are shown above other browser elements.
  • Open child tabs from links correctly on Firefox 36 and later.
  • Open child tabs from the web search bar correctly on Firefox 36 and later.
  • Open multiple child tabs from a tab by scripts more correctly, for E10S windows.
  • Firefox Hello's chat boxes are not placed below tabs anymore.
  • Mouse events on the place holder shown when the tab bar is completely hidden are handled correctly to show/hide the tab bar automatically.

Version 0.15.2014120101.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 31.0 - 37.0a1

  • Open clicked link as a new child tab correctly, from links with target="_blank" in e10s mode. (See also the related bug on the
  • Re-show the tab bar correctly after exiting from the fullscreen mode. (by Xinkai. Thanks!)
  • "Auto hide tab bar" feature works correctly on Firefox 35 and older versions.

  • Drop support for Firefox 30 and older versions
  • Works correctly on the multi-process mode (E10S).
  • Open child tabs from links correctly, in e10s windows. (by Nephyrin. Thanks a lot!)
  • Restore tree structure with multiple trees from bookmarks correctly, even if the dummy tab is disabled.
  • Restore tab position for "Undo Close Tab" command correctly.
  • Works on Nightly 33.0a1 with the preference dom.compartment_per_addon=true.
  • Update tabbar appearance correctly, after toolbar customization.
  • Save "parent tab" settings correctly in the bookmarks properties dialog.
  • Update fr-FR locale, by AxlMun. Thanks!

Version 0.14.2014051101.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 35.*

  • Don't hide the toolbar in the full screen mode, if browser.fullscreen.autohide is false.
  • Allow to hide the title bar if Tabs on Bottom addon is installed.
  • Open new tabs by Tile Tabs as next sibling tab.

Version 0.14.2014050102.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 32.0a1

  • Works with Unified Sidebar correctly, in the "auto shrink" mode. (regression)
  • Works on Nightly 32.0a1 again.
  • Hide pinned tabs completely on DOM full-screen mode.
  • Better compatibility with No Script
  • Works on Nightly 31.0a1 again.
  • Improved: Introduce a new checkbox "When a new tree appears, collapse others automatically" in the configuration dialog. It has been split from "When a tab gets focus, expand its tree and collapse others automatically" because the behavior was not related to the existing checkbox.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with Classic Theme Restorer about "tabs in titlebar" appearance.
  • Fixed: Restore tree structure on the startup correctly, with Firefox 28 and later.
  • Fixed: Open new tabs from "search by" in the context menu correctly, even if the selection includes line breaks or it is too long.
  • Fixed: Broken trees around duplicated tabs after restarting, are gone.
  • ru locale is updated by Infocatcher. Thanks!

Version 0.14.2014020901.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 30.*

  • Improved: On the "auto hide" mode, scroll to the current tab when the tab bar becomes shown.
  • Improved: Accept drag and drop of the tab bar itself, on the blank area around pinned tabs.
  • Fixed: Don't activate "draw in titlebar" feature for windows with vertical tab bar.
  • Fixed: On the "auto hide" mode, keep scroll position of the tab bar correctly when the bar is shown and hidden.
  • Fixed: In the fullscreen mode, don't hide the navigation toolbar on OS X Lion.
  • Fixed: Collapse the tab bar automatically, if it is expanded by long-press of the Ctrl key and a new window is opened while the key is pressed.
  • Fixed: Open tabs as children, from the "search by" in the context menu.
  • Fixed: Don't start dragging operation of the tab bar itself from a button which have its own popup menu.

Version 0.14.2014013001.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 29.*

  • Improved: Better compatibility with Nav Bar on Title Bar.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with Tab Control.
  • Modified: Remove codes for an extinct feature "replace the current tab when opening a bookmark group". The feature was already removed in old Firefox.
  • Fixed: Public APIs to show/hide the tab bar works correctly.
  • Fixed: Maximize scrollable area of tree-like view in a about:treestyletab-group tab.
  • Fixed: Open bookmark folder as a tree correctly, even if the user don't want to open a dummy grouping tab.
  • Fixed: Fix broken appearance of the tab bar on Firefox versions without the "Tabs on Top" feature.

Version 0.14.2013112901.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 28.*

  • Improved: Better compatibility with someone who change visibility of the tab bar, like "auto hide tab bar for last single tab" feature of Tab Mix Plus, Pale Moon, and Hide Tab Bar With One Tab.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with Context Search. Now search result tabs are opened as children of the current tab.
  • Modified: Expand the shrunken tab bar immediately when the mouse pointer moves onto the tab bar, if the size of teh tab bar is fixed.
  • Modified: Keep the UI to modify relations of bookmarks disabled, for bookmark items in the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder. (Because people won't open all items in the folder as a tree of tabs by middle-click on the folder.)
  • Modified: Updated pinned tabs are highlighted by TST itself.
  • Fixed: Hide (or collapse) the tab bar correctly with delay, when a tab is opened or closed in the "auto hide" mode.
  • Fixed: Better responsibility for bookmark management UI when there are very large number of sibling bookmarks in a folder.
  • Fixed: Save and restore both sizes of expanded and shrunken tab bar correctly, on the next startup.
  • Fixed: Re-show the tab bar correctly when the F11 key is pressed to exit from the DOM full-screen mode.
  • Fixed: Show the tab bar again correctly when I click the grippy in the splitter.
  • Fixed: Show the tab bar again correctly when I drag the splitter.
  • Fixed: Correctly update "list all tabs" menu if there is pinned tabs (by Infocatcher. Thanks!)
  • Fixed: Better compatibility with "Australis".
  • Fixed: Don't disable background color of tabs when Tab Mix Plus is installed.
  • Fixed: Open tabs from user scripts with Greasemonkey 1.11 correctly.
  • fr-FR locale is updated by AxlMun. Thanks!

Version 0.14.2013100901.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 27.0a1

  • Improved: Position and size of the tab bar is updated automatically when any element is inserted to the browser box.
  • Fixed: Show the full tooltip near the original tooltip correctly, even if there are multiple screens.
  • Fixed: Don't shrink/hide the tab bar for keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-T, Ctrl-R, etc, if the tab bar is shown by a long-press of the Ctrl key.
  • Fixed: Don't focus to the tab which is going to be closed. This also fixes some breakages (including issue #569) caused by TabSelect events from disappearing tabs.
  • Fixed: Don't activate auto-hide feature of the tab bar for DOM-fullscreen mode (ex. YouTube). This is based on the behavior of Firefox's auto-hide feature in DOM-fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: Don't hide browser's toolbars when the tab bar is vertical, except cases to hide them for special tabs (for example, web application).
  • Fixed: Erase odd border in each tab appearing with Tab Mix Plus. (by wanabe. Thanks!)
  • Fixed: Better compatibility with "How Many Times Can I Back?". (by wanabe. Thanks!)
  • Fixed: Better compatibility with Sidebars List. (by Infocatcher. Thanks!)

Version 0.14.2013082301.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 26.*


Version 0.14.2013082201.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 26.0a1

  • Works on Firefox 25 and later.
  • Fixed: Restore tree structure correctly for "undo close tab" feature, even if the tab had no child. (It was a regression on the version 0.14.2013052901.)
  • Improved: New tab from DragIt is opened as a child of the current tab.
  • Fixed: Don't shrink tab bar automatically, when the user selects a background tab.
  • Improved: Update label of Firefox's "Close Tabs to the Right" menu item to "Close Tabs to the Bottom" in the vertical tab bar.
  • Fixed: Don't break tree structure by drag and drop of a child tab to move it to the upper level.
  • Fixed: Detect new tabs opened from content scripts more correctly.
  • Fixed: Show favicon for dummy (group) tabs correctly on Firefox 22.
  • Fixed: Detect dummy (group) tabs correctly. (Fixed by Infocatcher. Thanks!)
  • Fixed: On Firefox 23 and later, ignore the preference "hide the tab bar when there is only one tab" because it was available on Firefox 22 or older versions.
  • Fixed: Resolve visual glitch of the tab bar after showing/hiding a toolbar.
  • Fixed: Works with bug489729 (Disable detach and tear off tab).
  • Improved: Introduce the concept "temporary group tab" and "permanent group tab". And close needless group tabs automatically only when it is marked as temporary. Automatically opened group (dummy) tabs are temporary, and manually opened tabs are permanently by default. You can make group tabs always permanent by these preferences extensions.treestyletab.openGroupBookmark.temporaryGroup (for bookmark groups) and extensions.treestyletab.createSubtree.underParent.temporaryGroup (for "create new tree from selected tabs" feature) with the value false.
  • Fixed: Show/hide tab bar correctly after the grippy is clicked.
  • Fixed: Don't freeze on the interface to edit bookmarks, even if there are too many bookmarks in the same folder.
  • ru locale is updated by Infocatcher. Thanks!

Version 0.14.2013052901.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 24.*

  • Fixed: Pinned tabs are shown with more stylized appearance.
  • Fixed: Don't set margin to indicate grouped tabs for parent tabs next to hidden tabs in more cases. (by Drugoy. Thanks!)
  • Fixed: Update the tab bar correctly when contents in the browser bottom bar or the toolbar are modified. (Regression on 0.14.2013040601)
  • Fixed: Don't make new tabs children of the current tab, if they are opened by Gmail Panel or someone.
  • Modified: Update codes around session store API.

Version 0.14.2013040601.1-signed 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 23.*

  • Improved: Add a new secret option "extensions.treestyletab.autoAttach.fromCurrent" to control new tab position from the current tab.
  • Fixed: Move tab by moveTabForward/moveTabBackward on Firefox 20 correctly.
  • Fixed: Don't set margin to indicate grouped tabs for parent tabs next to hidden tabs.
  • Fixed: Don't insert needless margins between collapsed tabs. Negative margins for collapsed tabs were unexpectedly inverted for tabs which have its "cannot be collapsed" parent tab. However, such tabs still can be collapsed if its root parent tab can be collapse its sub tree.
  • Fixed: Observe changes of UI shown/hidden not only the browser bottom box but also the toolbox
  • Fixed: Restore the original user preference when this addon is disabled or removed. (by saneyuki_s)
  • Fixed: Move dragged tab to the correct position, even if there are hidden tabs.
  • Fixed: Move all tabs in the dragged tree to a newly opened window correctly on Firefox 19 and later.
  • Modified: Make dragging tabs transparently always, to see the drop position marker.
  • Modified: Expand the drop area to drop dragged tabs to a tab itself. By this change, you can drop a tab to another more easily.
  • Modified: "jar" archive is no longer included.

Version 0.14.2012122901.1-signed 275.5 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 20.0a1

* Works on Nightly 20.0a1 again. (Updated for new MutationObserver spec.)
* Fixed: Never raise error messages for dragging of non-tab objects onto the tab bar.

Version 0.14.2012121401.1-signed 277.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 20.0a1

  • Improved: Open new tabs from Linky as child tabs of the current tab even if they are opened vi a dialog.
  • Improved: Define minimum width/height of the tab bar and restore it on the startup (so, if you accidentaly get too narrow tab bar, it will be fixed in the next startup.)
  • Fixed: Collapse/hide the tab bar automatically even if the webpage includes any plugin area.
  • Fixed: Fix wrong dragging behavior of tabs in the vertical tab bar. Now tabs can be droppend on another tab easily.
  • Fixed: Fix odd padding in the vertical overflowed tab bar with pinned tabs and "Default" skin.
  • Fixed: Hide tab bar for only one tab window correctly.
  • Fixed: Fix dynamic patch for QuickDrag.
  • Modified: Don't change indent of tabs for collapsed tab bar.
  • Modified: Don't listen "mouseleave" event anymore (because it increases CPU usage.)
  • Modifeid: Unify the preference item "extensions.treestyletab.animation.enabled" to "browser.tabs.animate".

Version 0.14.2012111201.1-signed 274.3 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 19.*

  • Fixed: Tabs from other computers are correctly opened as child tabs of the "about:sync" tab, on lately Nightly.
  • Fixed: All animation effects were unexpectedly stopped after the configuration dialog is opened.

Version 0.14.2012111001.1-signed 274.6 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 19.0a1

  • Improved: Dragged tabs in vertical tab bar are now animated (on Firefox 17 beta and later.)
  • Improved: Update indent of tabs automatically when too deeply nested tabs are collapsed/expanded and the mouse cursor goes away from the operated tab. This behavior can be disabled by the secret preference "extensions.treestyletab.indent.autoShrink.onlyForVisible".
  • Fixed: Update indent of tabs automatically when tab groups are modified or switched.
  • Improved: Different indent of tabs can be applied for horizontal and vertical tab bar. Secret preferences "extensions.treestyletab.indent.horizontal", "extensions.treestyletab.indent.vertical", "extensions.treestyletab.indent.min.horizontal" and "extensions.treestyletab.indent.min.vertical" are available.
  • Improved: The default size of the tab bar (it is used to reset the tab bar when the splitter is double-clicked) is now customizable by secret preferences "extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.width.default", "extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.height.default" and "extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.shrunkenWidth.default".
  • Fixed: Drop position markers in vertical tab bar were accidentaly disappeared while dragging.
  • Fixed: Don't duplicate the current tab accidentaly when simple left click on the reload button.
  • Improved: Duplicate tabs as children of the current tab, from items of back/forward button's menu.
  • Fixed: Don't hide closeboxes of other tabs when toolbars are shown/hidden.
  • Fixed: Animation effects of tabs were accidentaly stopped when there were multiple windows.
  • Improved: Refactor internal codes.

Version 0.14.2012081101.1-signed 267.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 17.0a1

  • Fixed: Apply animation effects correctly. In old versions, all animation effects (about tabs and the configuration dialog) were accidentally stopped.
  • Fixed: New tabs are shown correctly even if you activate animation effects. New tabs were sometimes stay hidden because animation was accidently stopped by some errors.
  • Fixed: Tabs are shown with correct height in "Metal" skin on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed: Collapse a tree correctly even if you focused to a grandchild tab of the collapsing tree.
  • Fixed: Tabs dropped to the bookmarks sidebar are correctly bookmarked.
  • Fixed: Better handling of recursive/broken tree when collecting descendant tabs.
  • Updated for Firefox 16
  • Fixed: "extensions.treestyletab.autoExpand.intelligently" works correctly. If you set the preference to false, not-focused trees are never collapsed by expansion of the newly focused tree.
  • Fixed: Don't forget collapsed state of trees while toolbar customizing.
  • Fixed: Create tree of nested bookmark folders, from dragged tree correctly.
  • Fixed: Open tabs as a tree on the dropped position in the tab bar, from dragged bookmark tree.
  • Fixed: Update tab bar appearance when contents of the browser bottom box is shown or hidden.
  • Fixed: Move the dragged pinned tab to the dropped position correctly, even if the drop target is the first pinned tab.
  • Fixed: Expand collapsed children of newly pinned tab automatically. (Child tabs unexpectedly vanished when a parent tab with collapsed children was pinned.)
  • Fixed: Don't break tree structure when a last child tab is moved to the upper level by drag and drop.
  • Fixed: After session restorations, new tabs related to the current tab could be shown as broken tree because TST's internal caches were lost. Now, session restorations work more stablely.
  • Fixed: "Fast restoration of tree structures on the startup" feature couldn't work correctly on some environments.
  • Fixed: Suppress freezing from infinity loop which is caused by recursive reference (it can be there unexpectedly by some reasons!) of tabs.
  • Fixed: Show bottom border of the toolbox for the vertical tab bar and "Tabs on Bottom" toolbox.
  • Fixed: Show notification about newly opened tabs at out of the viewport correctly, on Linux.
  • Fixed: Update "Metal" skin for Firefox 14 and later.

Version 0.14.2012050301.1-signed 265.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 16.*

  • Improved: Move tab to the upper level if it is dropped on the bottom area of its parent tab.
  • Modified: Change the background color of tabs in "Flat" and "Mixed" theme for some platform (e.g. Ambience theme on Ubuntu).
  • Fixed: Handle new tabs from the "new tab" button correctly.
  • Fixed: Respect special behaviors defined in Firefox itself or other addons for middle-click on the new tab button.
  • Fixed: Fix NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_OP_ON_WN_PROTO error in auto-shrink mode.
  • Fixed: Fix broken appearance of pinned tabs with "Sidebar" theme.
  • Fixed: Fix broken appearance of pinned tabs with "Metal" theme on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: Layout pinned tabs correctly even if the tab bar is narrower than the size of a pinned tab.
  • Fixed: Move the dragged tab to the correct position when the drop target tab has no child.
  • Fixed: Disable the "Tabs on Top" menu item for the vertical tab bar correctly.
  • Fixed: Store and restore the original state of the "Tabs on Top" feature when TST is uninstalled.
  • Fixed: Don't reset "Tabs on Top" state on the startup. (It was wrongly enabled on every startup.)
  • Fixed: Enlarge max width of the status panel. (See bug 632634.)
  • Fixed: Don't show TST's "full tooltip" if TST's tooltip is disabled by user preference.
  • Fixed: Don't collapse tabs if collapsing/expanding of tree is disabled by user preference.
  • Fixed: Reset the appearance of tree twisties when the mouse pointer go away from the tab bar.
  • Fixed: Don't show tree twisties on the favicon of existing tabs, in a horizontal tab bar.
  • Fixed: Show the floating menu bar (and title bar) with Hide Caption Titlebar Plus correctly.

Version 0.14.2012021101.1-signed 264.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 14.0

  • Fixed: Better appearance around twisty in tabs on a horizontal tab bar. (regression)
  • Fixed: Preferences migration on the startup failed in some cases.
  • Russian locale is updated by Infocatcher.

Version 0.14.2012021001.1-signed 263.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1

  • Improved: A collapsed tree is expanded automatically if you press the Ctrl key for a while on it, even if the checkbox "When a tab gets focus, expand its tree and collapse others automatically" is unchecked. You can disable this behavior by the secret preference "extensions.treestyletab.autoExpandSubtreeOnSelect.whileFocusMovingByShortcut".
  • Fixed: Tree twisties couldn't be hidden by user preference. (regression)
  • Fixed: With Tab Mix Plus, failed to save session data on exit. (regression)
  • Fixed: Icons of collapsed tabs in the horizontal tree were not hidden. (regression)
  • Fixed: User preference of "When a tab gets focus, expand its tree and collapse others automatically" was wrongly ignored when a collapsed tab in a collapsed tree is focused directly.
  • Fixed: A link dropped onto the last parent tab was wrongly opened as the first child tab even if it should be opened as the last child by the user preference.

Version 0.14.2012020901.1-signed 263.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1

  • Updated for Nightly 13.0a1.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with other tab-related addons. Now this addon doesn't apply custom binding to <tab/>s.
  • Fixed: On lately Nightly, appearances and behaviors of the tab bar were totally broken after the last tree was dragged and dropped to another window.
  • Fixed: Trees dropped on outside of existing Firefox windows were unexpectedly duplicated. Now they are correctly moved to new windows.
  • Fixed: When auto-showing/hiding (not shrinking) of the tab bar was activated, it was wrongly shown even if the mouse pointer was not near the window edge.
  • Fixed: Auto-scrolling of the tab bar didn't work if the first tab was hidden.
  • Fixed: "Tabs on Top" was wrongly enabled for "top" and "fixed" tab bar, when a popup window was opened.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the height of the vertical tab bar was not updated (ex. Firebug's panel.)
  • Fixed: "Bookmark this tree" didn't work correctly on Firefox 9 and later.
  • Fixed: "Restore closed tree" confirmation didn't work with localized versions: da-DK, de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT, pl, ru-RU, sv-SE, zh-CN and zh-TW.
  • Fixed: When both Tab Mix Plus and any third-party's theme were installed, collapsed tabs in the horizontal tab bar couldn't be collapsed.
  • Russian locale is updated by Infocatcher.

Version 0.14.2012012901.1-signed 264.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

  • Improved: Manually expanded trees were not collapsed automatically by focus changes (like Windows Explorer.)
  • Improved: Now tab bar isn't hidden (shrunken) by keyboard input if the tab bar is expanded by mouse actions.
  • Improved: When a tab which was a member of closed tree is restored, TST asks you to restore the whole tree by the notification popup (a.k.a. "doorhangar").
  • Improved: Auto exmansion of shrunken/hidden tab bar can be suppressed by pressing Shift key.
  • Improved: Group tabs are now saved as bookmark folders.
  • Improved: When new tab is opened at the position outside of visible area of the vertical tab bar, it is notified with an animation effect.
  • Fixed: The "overflow" state of the vertical tab bar was broken when the bar was overflowed horizontally.
  • Fixed: Tree structures were broken when tab groups (Panorama) were switched by Ctrl-Shift-"`" and Ctrl-Shift-"~".
  • Fixed: Fast restoration of tree structures on session restoration didn't work for secondary (and later) window.
  • Fixed: Some odd behaviors around auto expansion of shrunken tab bar disappeared.
  • Fixed: When the current tab includes <embed>, drag and drop feature totally broken after you tried to drag the tab bar itself.
  • Fixed: Pinned but not faviconized tabs were not highlighted anymore.
  • Fixed: F2 key didn't work on group tabs. (regression)
  • Fixed: Failed to store edited title of group tabs. (regression)
  • Fixed: With Tab Mix Plus, failed to restore secondary or later pinned tabs if there is no normal tab.
  • Fixed: When the browser is too slow, manual scrollings on the tab bar could be canceled by smooth scroll animations of TST itself.
  • Fixed: Unexpected jumping on the tab bar after new child tabs are opened is suppressed.
  • Fixed: TST could be broken by API calls on window destruction.
  • Fixed: When the system was too slow on TabOpen event (by Informational Tab or some addons), the tab bar failed to be scrolled to the newly opened tab.
  • Fixed: Tree of tabs in group tabs had too narrow height.
  • Modified: The role of the counter in tabs is now switched for vertical and horizontal tab bar automatically. In the horizontal tab bar, it reports the number of all tabs in the tree (including the tab itself). In the vertical tab bar, it reports the number of collapsed children in the tree (excluding the tab itself). Secret preferences "extensions.treestyletab.counter.role.horizontal" and "extensions.treestyletab.counter.role.vertical" are available to control this behavior. See discussions in #197.
  • Updated for Nightly 12.0a1.
  • Drop support for Firefox 3.6.

Version 0.13.2011121501.1-signed 268.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 11.*

<p>from 0.13.2011121401 to 0.13.2011121501</p>
  • Fixed: "Fast restore" didn't work if Tab Mix Plus is installed without its custom session management.
  • Fixed: Tabs moved into existing tree didn't become member tabs of the tree. (Regression on 0.13.2011121401. If you use Tab Mix Plus or other addons to control new tab position, tree could be broken.)
<p>from 0.12.2011120101 to 0.13.2011121401</p>
  • Improved: "Fast restore" has landed. Last tree structure of tabs is restored on the startup quickly. If you see any trouble from this feature, disable it by following processes: go to "about:config" and set "extensions.treestyletab.restoreTree.level" to "0".
  • Improved: "about:treestyletab-group" tabs (dummy tabs for grouping) now contains list of member tabs as links. You can click it to select the tab, and you can close tabs by middle-click on links.
  • Improved: When the current tab has focus, arrow keys should work like in the folder pane on Windows Explorer. Right arrow expands a collapsed tree or focuses to the first child tab. Left arrow focuses to the parent tab or collapses the tree. (*Note: if you want to focus to the tab by mouse click, you have to add a CSS rule .tabbrowser-tab { -moz-user-focus: normal !important; } to your userChrome.css.)
  • Improved: Now, "auto hide tab bar" feature correctly hides the tab bar even if plugins (ex. PDF, Flash, and so on) cover the content area. (On old versions, the tab bar was kept shown unexpectedly on such cases.) This hack is based on an invisible popup covering the content area, so, if you see any trouble from this hack, disable it by following processes: go to "about:config" and set "extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoHide.contentAreaScreen.enabled" to "false".
  • Improved: "Undo Close Tree" confirmation UI is now shown immediately when a tab member of closed tree is restored by "Undo Close Tab".
  • Improved: Now you can close tabs by middle click on the rich tooltip on tree.
  • Fixed: The width of the tab bar was wrongly shrunken to 105px when you started Firefox with fullscreen or maximized state.
  • Fixed: Items in "List all tabs" were not indented on Nightly 11.0a1.
  • Fixed: Trees in background groups (made by Panorama) were unexpectedly collapsed by trees in the current group.
  • Fixed: "Undo Close Tree" feature didn't work. Now you can correctly get closed tabs back.
  • Fixed: Rich tooltip on tree was always shown on the primary screen unexpectedly. Now it works with multiple screens correctly.
  • Fixed: When the shrunken tab bar was too narrow, we couldn't expand it automatically by mouse move.
  • Fixed: Linux specific style rules were not loaded unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: On Linux + GNOME3, "narrow scroll bar" was not narrow.
  • Modified: The API partTab() is renamed to detachTab(). For backward compatibility, the old name is still available.
<p>from 0.12.2011110101 to 0.12.2011120101</p>
  • Improved: While you are browsing tabs by Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl-Shift-Tab, now collapsed tree is automatically expanded, if you stay there with pressed Ctrl key. (You can change the delay via a secret preference "extensions.treestyletab.autoCollapseExpandSubtreeOnSelect.whileFocusMovingByShortcut.delay".)
  • Improved: Title of "dummy" tabs can be changed by F2 key.
  • Improved: Tooltip on a tree now reports only top 10 tabs at first, and it is expanded to scrollable tooltip automatically after a delay. (You can change the delay via a secret preference "extensions.treestyletab.tooltip.fullTooltipDelay".)
  • Improved: Members of the tree is shown in the tooltip on the closebox in tabs.
  • Improved: Calculation about size of pinned tabs is simplified. A new boolean preference "extensions.treestyletab.pinnedTab.faviconized" is available to change pinned tabs in a vertical tab bar from "faviconized" to "regular tab".
  • Fixed: Works on Nightly 11 at 2011-11-30(PST). Now the animation management module never uses "MozBeforePaint" event.
  • Fixed: Dropped tabs were broken if they are dropped on "indent" areas.
  • Fixed: Shrunken vertical tab bar couldn't be resized by drag and drop because the tab bar was unexpectedly expanded anyway.
  • Modified: Tooltip on tree always show tree. If you like the old behavior (tooltip with tree only for collapsed tree), you can set a secret preference "extensions.treestyletab.tooltip.mode" to "1". ("0" means "never", "2" means "always").
  • Modified: The counter in a parent tab now reports the number of all tabs in the tree including itself.

Version 0.12.2011110101.1-signed 255.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 10.*

  • Fixed: Tab's throbbers in the vertical tab bar were shown without vertical tab bar specific appearance unexpectedly.
  • Improved: Rest members in a tree of tabs are moved to another group if the parent tab is moved to the group.
  • Fixed: When a parent tab is pinned, rest members of the tree stay there correctly.
  • Fixed: Background color of the tab bar should be light gray for "Vertigo" and "Sidebar" style with auto-hide.
  • Fixed: Pinned tabs were mispositioned on Nightly.
  • Fixed: New tabs opened by Greasemonkey scripts are correctly become children of the tab.
  • Fixed: Tabs opened from bookmark folders in secondary (or others) window, their tree structure weren't restored if Tab Utilities is installed.
  • Fixed: When "TreeStyleTabService.treeViewEnabled" was set to false twice, twisties in tabs were lost unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Hacks for Colorful Tabs didn't work. Now all tabs in a tree are shown with same background color.
  • Fixed: New tabs from "new blank tab" button on the tab bar didn't become first child of the current tab (by the user preference) automatically when it is opened. Now it works.
  • zh-TW locale is updated by bootleq.

Version 0.12.2011082901.1-signed 253.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 10.0a1

  • Note: This version (and older versions) is incompatible to Firefox 8 or later due to the bug 455694 and 674925.
  • Improved: A dummy tab for grouping tabs is automatically closed when it has no sibling tab.
  • Improved: The size of pinned tabs can be customized by secret prefs "extensions.treestyletab.pinnedTab.width" and "extensions.treestyletab.pinnedTab.height". If you set the width to "-1", then pinned tabs will be expanded to the width of the vertical tab bar.
  • Improved: Needless spaces around favicons in horizontal tabs disappeared.
  • Fixed: The parent tab was unexpectedly focused when a child tab was closed even if still there were any other child.
  • Fixed: Browser windows are not resized automatically if it is maximized.
  • Fixed: New tabs opened by "Search *** by ***" context menu command didn't become children of the current tab on Firefox 4 and later.
  • Fixed: The tab bar was wrongly shrunken/hidden/expanded while something is dragged.
  • Fixed: The tab bar unexpectedly lost its scroll position when the bar was shrunken/hidden/expanded.
  • Modified: "Replace current tab" radio item for bookmark groups is never shown on lately Firefox due to the bug 440093.
  • Improved: Now compatible to Snap Links Plus 2.1.
  • Improved: Tabs opened by Duplicate This Tab become child tabs of the current tab.
  • Improved: New tabs opened by InstaClick should become child tabs of the current tab.
  • Fixed: Visibility of menuitems and separators are now not controlled by self, if they are removed by Menu Editor addon.
  • Fixed: When tabs are highlighted by Tab Utilities, favicons were wrongly hidden.
  • Fixed: New tabs from GM_openInTab() in Greasemonkey scripts didn't become children of the current tab.

Version 0.12.2011061701.1-signed 251.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 8.*

  • Improved: While dragging of tabs or links, auto-hidden tab bar is expanded automatically.
  • Improved: New API for other addons: gBrowser.treeStyleTab.moveTabs(), gBrowser.treeStyleTab.importTabs(), and gBrowser.treeStyleTab.duplicateTabs() to process multiple tabs with their tree structure.
  • Fixed: Auto-hide of the tab bar was broken.
  • Fixed: Didn't work on Nightly 7.0a1 due to removed interface "nsIDOM3Node".
  • Fixed: Animation effects were suddenly stopped by window close or other reasons.
  • Fixed: With ColorfulTabs, vertical tab bar was wrongly scrolled.

Version 0.12.2011060202.1-signed 250.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 7.0a1

  • Drop support for Firefox 3.5.
  • Improved: Optimization for performance issue about switching of tab groups (Panorama).
  • Improved: Optimization for startup time. (CSS refactorings, JavaScript code modules for shared codes, etc.)
  • Improved: Middle click on the "new tab" button and the "go" button should open the new tab as the child of the current tab. (They can be customized.)
  • Improved: With Locationbar², new tabs from path segments are now opened as child tabs of the current tab.
  • Improved: New APIs for addons are available : TreeStyleTabService.readyToOpenChildTabNow(), TreeStyleTabService.readyToOpenNextSiblingTabNow(), and TreeStyleTabService.readyToOpenNewTabGroupNow(). They are useful for reservation of new child tab, if the new tab is possibly canceled by some reason. Reservations made by these new API are automatically canceled with delay, so you don't have to call TreeStyleTabService.stopToOpenChildTab() manually.
  • Fixed: Contents of textbox in toolbar items inserted into vertical tab bar were unexpectedly hidden.
  • Fixed: Vertical tab bar in popup windows should be hidden by "chromehidden" attribute.
  • Fixed: Drop position indicator in vertical tab bar was missing wrongly for the last tab, if there was any collapsed tab.
  • Fixed: When a root tab with collapsed children was moved by drag and drop, its children were unexpectedly expanded.
  • Fixed: The feature "hide tab bar when there is only one tab" (one of Firefox's options) didn't work correctly on Firefox 4.
  • Fixed: Horizontal tab bar was wrongly shown on the top alwasy.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the grippy in the splitter of the vertical tab bar didn't expand the collapsed tab bar.
  • Fixed: On-screen tabs on vertical tab bar were not highlighted correctly in the "list all tabs" popup. (It is a new feature introduced by the bug 626903.)
  • Fixed: An internal preference "extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.scrollToNewTab.mode" didn't work for new tabs opened in the background.
  • Fixed: With All-in-One Sidebar the tab bar was wrongly left on the content area after the sidebar was hidden automatically by AiOS.
  • Fixed: On Nightly, background color of the vertical tab bar was unexpectedly fixed to "white" by these patches introduced by the bug 558585.
  • da-DK locale is updated by Regmos.