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  • Хорошее приложение но не информативное. Практически нет разници между поиска в горизонтальном меню или вертикальном. Древовидный вид мне нравится, но сейчас Tree Style Tab не использую.

    Не информативное. Ничего не добавляется от бокового расположения. О том, что в моем представлении должно добавиться, будет ниже
    Загромождает дополнительное пространство. Сюда же. Не убирает горизонтальное меню (не знаю возможно ли это, это ИМХО)

    Более удобный поиск вкладок благодаря древовидному виду
    Вкладви сбоку и это удобно:)

    Мое представление
    Древовидный вид сохранить, но сделать без сдвига, что бы добавить картинку того, что расположено на сайте. Добавить возможность переключится на вид без картинок;
    Добавить сохранение/восстановление вкладок отдельного окна. Кстати из-за того, что для этой функции использовал сторонний плагин, Tree Style Tab пришлось удалить. После восстановления вкладок, не восстанавливался древовидный вид:(
  • please add auto hide in specific time and when mouse come to corner of screen show column again
    thank you
  • De las mejores extensiones para Firefox. Tremendamente simple pero muy útil. Agrupa las pestañas de una forma muy cómoda. Obligada.
  • I think this is a good extension for organization of work, but "header" tabs would be nice to sort projects, e.g. fake tab for "project 1" or "project 2"
  • Удобное расширение. Пользуюсь уже очень давно. Хотелось бы чтобы добавили возможность выгрузки вкладок и групп.
  • I usually work with a high number of tabs, and i appreciate the structure this plugin brings into my everyday.
    I use the user chrome workaround to get rid of the default tab and plugin header.
  • Not quite a replacement for Tab Mix Plus, but I really like the ability to organize tabs into folders. When jumping between tasks, it's easier to find related tabs. I even realized that I had a few nearly identical tabs after organizing them.
  • This is the best way I know to manage my tabs. It is absolutely excellent with lots of features.
  • I can't imagine a life without this addon. Thank you so much Piro.
  • I liked the functionality of this extension a lot, but it slowed my Firefox to a crawl... like 6-8 seconds for a click to register. I had about 20 other addons, so there may have been conflicts. I decided to uninstall it for now and switched to Tab Center Redux.
  • I like the concept and the customisability. What does not work well is pinned tabs. When Firefox is closed and reopened the pinned tab is gone.
  • Fantastic! Thanks!
  • Great extension for any multi-tasker, end of story.
  • This extension is absolutely essential for doing research, looking through programming references, and general reading and browsing. I don't remember what I used to do without it!
  • If you open lots of tabs, then TST is a must! No other browser or add-on can manage your tabs as easily or efficiently. This app is the reason I use Firefox over any other web browser ^_^
  • let my star said
  • This extension is the USP of Firefox and the reason I still use this Browser! Thank you so much Piro (piro_or)...
  • I wanted to like the Opera group tabs extension is now absolutely useless!
  • Tree Style Tab is my first reason after security and privacy to use Firefox. I really can't imagine browsing without such an extension. Great job, Piro!
  • Great addon, but tabs got scrambled once in a while, which completely messes everything up. It's not happening very often, but when it happens, you need to spend a lot of time to fix it.
  • the best tree style tab extension I've tested so far!
  • Absolutely love it. It makes the best use of a widescreen computer. Otherwise, the top tab bars are just taking space and not really showing enough of their title to be useful.

    I get the tabs down the left side. I can group them. I can pin tabs that I use regularly so that they stay with just an icon at the top of the side bar, for quick access. I can duplicate a tab to look at another section of hte website without losing where I was in the first place.

    The only thing I'd add would be a way of letting the user create folders within the tree, perhaps each with its own pinned tabs.
  • Great extension! I love being able to organize my tabs in this way, have been using this for a few years now.

    Minor complaint:
    The recent update that recently (I think?) introduced keyboard shortcuts that interfere with nominal text editing, e.g. Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right, which I use for highlighting words.
    The keyboard shortcut editor is generally buggy, as I can't figure out how to disable a key; trying to set it to something useless, like Ctrl + Shift + / or pressing ESC, doesn't work; I can only sometimes set it to "undefined".

    May just jump directly to wherever the config lives and kill the keys.

    EDIT: Hup, it's already filed and fixed - awesome!
  • Switched back from chrome to firefox just to use this addon. Very valuable, great way to organize tabs for people like me, who have multiple sudden ideas scattered around and like to group those ideas in tree styled tabs. Too bad it's a bit glitchy lately - sometimes child tabs don't want to be attached to parent - for some reason they appear in different places, yet they seem to be still related. Reopening browser helps.

    Thank you for this addon!
  • While this addon provides useful functionality, in its current state it is very buggy. I've had regular problems with tab positioning and movement, with child tabs being positioned outside of the area below the parent tab, and with the extension frequently preventing me from moving tab groups around in simple ways--being unable to reparent a tab and its children, or outright being unable to reorder top-level tabs. The functionality has been useful enough that I've worked around these problems instead of just uninstalling it, however now there is yet another problem with it. Now, the sidebar just perpetually shows a loading animation, never displaying the tabs for any of my windows. Closing and reopening the sidebar doesn't fix it. Disabling and re-enabling the addon doesn't fix it. Even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't make it work again. As of now, all this does for me is take up a part of the side of my windows with a big blank area with a small animation in the middle of it. So, it's getting uninstalled. Hopefully this will be in a more usable state at some time in the future.