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  • I adore this addon and have no complaints whatsoever!
  • I asked the developer and he answered very fast with some guidelines and explanations on my case.

    I just have one suggestion: Is there a way to force a group tab? If you are in a Gmail tab and open many links, a "Gmail tab" parent tab appears and all those opened links go as childs into that opening link.
    Is there a way to select many tabs and turn them into childs of a parent tab, too which we can give a name?
    Even, is there a way to pin a parent group?

    I do not know if this is at all possible but thanks for a wonderful extension.

    PD: I have read that Firefox 64 will have a better "tab" control. Will this improve the experience with TST?

  • Works decently half of the time. Other half of the time new tabs get inserted into random positions of the tree. Session restore is a nightmare as it mixes the tabs and destroys tree structure, so that multiple browser restarts (with session restores) are required to get something remotely resembling the old tree structure and tab order.
    Restarts after browser crashes often have the tree simply not working, requiring me to disable the addon and enable it again to get it working.
  • Great extension while it is running, but each time the firefox is restarted it's a pain because all tab hierarchy is broken.

    Need a feature to auto-backup and manually save/restore tree.
  • Très pratique
  • Feature-rich; lots of options to customize your workflow. Really excellent extension.
  • All work only one Imran khan home pack and symphony i10 all time work
  • This helps browsing a lot, but it does have a few bugs. Right now, I'm experiencing a bug where the tabs have been slightly truncated, chopping off the favicons.
  • I loved this add-on until I accidentally clicked "Close other tabs" instead of "undo close tab" a few times. The context menu options in the preferences seem to be screwed up. There's no way to remove this menu option. Please fix it.
  • Very outstanding addon, but since 2 months it's super slow. When disabled Firefox is working fine. But enabled it slows so much down that Firefox is nearly unuseable.
  • cool function "close other tabs"
    always got on her instead "reopen closed tab"
  • This add-on has changed the way I browse the Internet! It makes managing multiple tabs so easy!
  • A usefull addon that not working very good. Tree style bar loses all tabs and I must close and open firefox many times, or close and open the bar, or disable and enable the addon. Can you fix it please?
    (Firefox developer v. 64)
  • so much better having tabs down the side than in a row that changes size and then has to scroll sideways. If only FF would let us remove them.
    TreeStyle Tab also lets me have nested tabs so it keeps threads together as I search and browse links.
  • without the "reload all tabs" made it very unusefull, such a stupid update
  • Merveilleuse et si pratique extension. Un énorme merci à vous !!!
  • You need to urgently remove/move/add possibility to remove the "Close tab options" menu in the context menu. Now it can be accidentally triggered to close all tabs when actually trying to reopen closed tab! Just lost over 50 tabs doing so!

    Otherwise the add-on is great and recommended for anyone with high number of tabs open.
  • Хорошее приложение но не информативное. Практически нет разници между поиска в горизонтальном меню или вертикальном. Древовидный вид мне нравится, но сейчас Tree Style Tab не использую.

    Не информативное. Ничего не добавляется от бокового расположения. О том, что в моем представлении должно добавиться, будет ниже
    Загромождает дополнительное пространство. Сюда же. Не убирает горизонтальное меню (не знаю возможно ли это, это ИМХО)

    Более удобный поиск вкладок благодаря древовидному виду
    Вкладви сбоку и это удобно:)

    Мое представление
    Древовидный вид сохранить, но сделать без сдвига, что бы добавить картинку того, что расположено на сайте. Добавить возможность переключится на вид без картинок;
    Добавить сохранение/восстановление вкладок отдельного окна. Кстати из-за того, что для этой функции использовал сторонний плагин, Tree Style Tab пришлось удалить. После восстановления вкладок, не восстанавливался древовидный вид:(
  • please add auto hide in specific time and when mouse come to corner of screen show column again
    thank you
  • De las mejores extensiones para Firefox. Tremendamente simple pero muy útil. Agrupa las pestañas de una forma muy cómoda. Obligada.
  • I think this is a good extension for organization of work, but "header" tabs would be nice to sort projects, e.g. fake tab for "project 1" or "project 2"
  • Удобное расширение. Пользуюсь уже очень давно. Хотелось бы чтобы добавили возможность выгрузки вкладок и групп.
  • I usually work with a high number of tabs, and i appreciate the structure this plugin brings into my everyday.
    I use the user chrome workaround to get rid of the default tab and plugin header.
  • Not quite a replacement for Tab Mix Plus, but I really like the ability to organize tabs into folders. When jumping between tasks, it's easier to find related tabs. I even realized that I had a few nearly identical tabs after organizing them.
  • This is the best way I know to manage my tabs. It is absolutely excellent with lots of features.