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First, thank you, thank you, thank you! When Chrome developers yanked the side tabs capability it deeply hurt my productivity, but then I discovered your Tree Style Tabs for Firefox, a superior implementation of side tabs, and I haven't looked back.

Second, a suggestion. Often the page title that shows in the tab doesn't relate well to how I want to remember and find that tab, so I would like the capability to right-click a tab and set my own title for the tab, with a way to revert to normal behavior. For example, I keep different Firefox instances configured with sets of tabs related to the same subject area, such as dancing and programming. I often want to be able to scan and find a tab based on the Site name, rather than the particular page I happened to leave it on. And sometimes even the site name isn't as helpful as what I could set for myself.

Here's an example, I'm on this page:
forum.digital-digest (dot) com/f4/freezing-pausing-problems-certain-commercial-dvds-31379.
and the tab label is "Freezing / Pausing prob..." For many purposes that is exactly what I want to see. But suppose that this is a regular reference site that I use in a Audio-Video business. The site URL digital-digest (dot) com might serve me better, *OR* I might even prefer to give it a functional label, like "Digital Digest Forums".

I could see this as a right-click, Rename option that pops up with three radio buttons:
o Page title
o Site name
o Your label: [ ... ]

Or maybe simpler,
Label: [ ... ] (leave blank to use page title)

Thanks for considering this, and Thank You! again for such a wonderful productivity aid.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.14.2012081101.1-signed). 


Another addon "TabRenamizer" should provide such a feature. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tabrenamizer/ Because it is not a feature around "tree" and I hope to keep Tree Style Tab addon simple, I won't add the feature to TST. Sorry.