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  • Офигенная штука.. Самая лучшая замена старой версии старого фаерфокса
  • I love this addon, but it suddenly stopped working when I updated to Firefox 65. Xubuntu 19.04
  • Wonderful add-on that I've been using for years. By far one of my favorites!

    I have just a small request for a next release:

    - Could you add the ability to modify the scrollbar color in the CSS code? My eyes begin to become a bit old and a mid-grey on a light grey as currently becomes not enough even with the largest width, so an option to give any color to this scrollbar would be wonderful. I currently can't see this option within the snippets.


  • 很不错的一个插件,功能很强大,很人性化,很多细节可以自定义,这个非常好!
  • Great addon