2,154 reviews
  • Great addon
  • Excelente extensión llevo apenes 2 días usándolo y me hace la vida más fácil.

    Esto es por lo que uso Firefox, por sus grandiosas extensiones.
  • Pas mal, mais serait-il possible de pouvoir réduire la largeur des onglets comme le faisait les anciennes versions ??
  • An essential addon for the freaks of navigation tabs, like me. It is a tool that contributes greatly to productivity and organization when the amount of tabs verge of chaos. Thank you @piro_or for this great work!
  • タブの高さがでかすぎるんだよなぁ。
  • This extension is THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES FIREFOX USEABLE. Other browsers don't have it, and using them is like pulling teeth. However, it was no longer valid with the most recent update of FF and wasn't working. To fix it I just did a temp uninstall of FF and when I reinstalled it was back.