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  • This is an awesome extension, on which I rely heavily in my daily workflows. But please, please make the tree structures saveable and shareable across firefox (desktop) sessions! Ideally, I would be very happy if TST could be made "compatible" with Session sync. It could be such a breakthrough for the daily workflows of many TST and Session sync users! (I have added the same comment to the Session sync developers too. I hope that there can be an "easy" solution to add tree info to the bookmarks used by Session sync, from which the whole tree can be built back easily by TST when a session is restored...) Thanks a lot!
  • Best extension hands down.
  • works well, and, is simiarly to the screenshots. If you like side tabs, this is a great add on.
  • This is an excellent, free tool. It's super handy for keeping my tabs organized. It has the occasional glitch, but I seem to be able to clear them by pressing F1 twice (to close the Tree Style Tab pane and reopen it).
  • This plugin was one of the reasons why I moved back to use Firefox. This feature should be default in all the browsers.
  • @Alexandru Nedelcu -- Any way to restore the window control buttons (e.g., min, max, close)?

    TST is a great addon, but the need to continually write your own CSS code to make it behave within reasonable expectations is frustrating. Moreso, the changing css code makes this work-around unreliable; see above. The latest change to FF has rendered the previous solutions obsolete: eliminating the duplicate horizontal tabs using the previous method also eliminates the window controls.
  • The horizontal tab bar can be hidden via userChrome.css, see: https://gist.github.com/alexandru/0f8b9a845342dd919d48dccc844a7135
  • This is the addon that keeps me locked to Firefox - I simply can't move to a browser without vertical tabs. Thank you, Piro.