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  • very useful and works as i expect.
    Thank you
  • My work requires almost full-time research on the Net with membership to 100's of websites. Present count is approximately 400 websites with an email address at every location & potential targets of Spambots, etc.

    I've used Trashmail this past year. I've only used it's default settings & it's performed flawlessly. Used the default settings only because that's all I required. It has made a big difference this past year in the amount of spam sent my way by some new website(s) I just signed up to. Exact spam numbers I have been saved from is difficult to project. Other than to say it's a noticeable drop in volume because of my large number of memberships/subscriptions. There were two small software glitches that I encountered when I was renewing my membership. Customer service was exceptional & dealt with these issues seamlessly & in record time. I would highly recommend them based on product & service. My experience is based solely with the FireFox add-on. I haven't used them with any of the other browsers.
  • Very nice ! Thanks to the developper for this firefox extention...
  • Neat plugin. I'd give this 5 stars if only you can save your user name & password when logging into the addon.
  • very nice love the convenience!
  • Perfect email program for those who don't trust some email sites.
    No more risk of spam coming to your real mailbox!
    Thanks so much!
  • Dieses Add-On ist toll, weil man nicht mehr im Internet seine echte E-Mail Adresse angeben muss.
    Und es ist gut, weil die Adresse nach einenem eingestellten Zeitraum sich wieder von selbst löschen.
  • Muy Util
  • Best addon ever, together with Firebug.
    I am a web devolper, I often need to create fake accounts on my sites to test various logins and other stuff. This addon is incredibly useful.
    And when I browse the web in free time, I never give my real email address, always using Trashmail.
  • @macnomads' comment he would be wrong in his review. I use two disposable mail programs for the past several years and they all still work. I can not say much about trashmail because I do not use it. The ones I use allow me to track specifically who is the culprit behind realsing my contact info. Once I discover this leak it allows me to report it to the proper authorities.
  • mein freund hat mir das gestern eingerichtet - endlich wir mein richtiges email-konto nicht mehr mit spam zugeklatscht!
  • perfekt für temporäre registrierungen, die meist unendliche spamwellen mit sich ziehen
  • Beautiful extension! Please duplicate it also for Chrome. One minor detail - it would be nice to have an option where I place Address Manager icon: in the add-on bar or tool bar (I keep all my icons in a tool bar). Thanks.
  • While the service itself provides the most handy possibilities the development of the extension looks a bit slow. After a more than two or even three weeks after a CoreComponents was changed this still doesn't work on Aurora because of using of obsolete removed methods json.decode/encode
  • Такие возможности и все на шару. Работает отлично.
  • It finally works, and works perfectly up to now, when previous versions of this extensions were all, here, more than problematic. TrashMail is IMO the best DEA (Disposable Email Address, not Drug Enforcement Agency!) service I know. Very handy and the site's staff is truly dedicated. I switched to TrashMail.net when my previous DEA provider, Emailias, closed its business, and I dare say TrashMail.net is IMO even better. So having a dedicated extension is really appreciated (Emailias only had a bookmarklet). Think DEA, and peace will smile.
  • I used to use this service for free years ago, and then decided to pay the very reasonable small amount of yearly fee for unlimited service. Overall, the service is very good. I did have a problem recently with spam mail to email addresses which had expired, but when I wrote to the Trashmail service owner, he was not helpful. I am not sure if it was language barrier, but nothing I asked him to help with was understood. So, although the service is great and the idea of disposable email is great, should you ever need extra help from the owner/company, you may find it disappointing.
  • Some people shout and cry before even understanding how this works.

    1.) Creating Trashmail adresses is FREE. Just some expanded services cost money. I use Trashmail since years for free and there is nothing I really miss.
    2.) What is the sense in creating Trashmail adresses? This adresses are temporal. It means, after an amout of redirected mails (you can specify it at the creation) the mailadresses gets dumped. After this you don't get redirects anymore. For example when you register at a board you set the redirects to 2 (normally even 1 is enough) and the maxlife to 1 day. You register.. get a redirected email with a confirmation link.. click on it... get a redirected "Welcome to ...." and that's it.. you never see any mail from that board anymore and even if they give away your email adress noone can use it to spam you.
  • What's the point, anyway? Why have a fake e-mail address when it just redirects spam and all to your real address until the fake e-mail address expires? I don't see what's being accomplished. Maybe someone can explain the benefits of a program like this.
  • I have been using trashmail for a very long time. I even paid for it, and its VERY worth the payment for the service you receive. User support is pretty damn fine too! Its nice to have an add-on that gets updates when needed.
    There was an outage of 48 hours.
    There was a serious data corruption problem on the filesystem. The data had to be immediately backuped and the filesystem beeing re-created.
    Sorry for this outage.
  • Here's the skinny. I deleted the current, re-downed it again, re-registered again and it worked. Make sure when you go to trashmail.net, if you're not blocking scripts (like NoScript add-on), then you'll see the window for the free option with two tabs for "Quick" and "registration". fill'em out and presto! its working for me again.
  • This is a great extension. Works fine with regular (free) TrashMail accounts. No payment is required, contrary to what AshleyJ might have stated.
  • Like epoxies I have discovered that the plug-in is no longer working, you now have to pay $14.99 for the service.
    And Fumus I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that it's free, after you have entered your email address and click on next all you get is taken to a page to pay via PayPal.
    I am removing this add-on and will look elsewhere.
    Simply register your real email address at http://www.trashmail.net/, then you can use it for free.
    You only need to register to TrashMail Plus if you wish to use advanced options.
  • Everything works as intended. No paying required any more!
    The TrashMail admin had to make a quick decision to stop spammers from getting every TrashMail domain banned because spammers abused the free system.
    To make the add-on work you first need to go to TrashMail.net and click the register tab. There you create your own account and add your real e-mail address. After that, enter your e-mail address into the add-on and everything will work as intended.
    Very good add-on. Allows the user to manage his disposable addresses and create new ones on the spot for every website that nags you to give them one. Five stars for functionality and ease of use!
  • This sucks! Trashmail is paid only now thanks to some A-hole spammer who got the ip address blocked in a bunch of places. And the paid price has been increased.

    Find a real job, Spammers!

    It was a good thing while it lasted. Thanks for the great service Trashmail.