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Some people shout and cry before even understanding how this works.

1.) Creating Trashmail adresses is FREE. Just some expanded services cost money. I use Trashmail since years for free and there is nothing I really miss.
2.) What is the sense in creating Trashmail adresses? This adresses are temporal. It means, after an amout of redirected mails (you can specify it at the creation) the mailadresses gets dumped. After this you don't get redirects anymore. For example when you register at a board you set the redirects to 2 (normally even 1 is enough) and the maxlife to 1 day. You register.. get a redirected email with a confirmation link.. click on it... get a redirected "Welcome to ...." and that's it.. you never see any mail from that board anymore and even if they give away your email adress noone can use it to spam you.

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