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  • Has recently stopped working for me using FF 72
  • Läuft Super, nie mehr ohne!!!
  • Not working
  • Version 4 in FF57 doesn't work on all the sites that version 3 in FF 56 did.
  • Great add-on. Since other add-ons do not work with Firefox 57, I had to go back to an older version of Firefox. Now, trashmail does not work anymore, setting another password did not bring the desired success, too. Please advice what else to do.
  • Hi,

    as this is a legacy addon, it stopped working with Firefox 57.
    Would be great if we could get an WebExtension version so it starts working again.
    Firefox 57 has not yet been released! Version 4.0 works now with Firefox 57.
  • Great addon!
    Could you please explain the problem what is not working exactly?
  • Doesn't run anymore with FF 54.0 64bits
  • EDIT
    Thanks for fixing, shame on Mozilla for that review prcoess!
    All fine now, testing and considering to buy Pro if everything stays smooth.

    I like the concept very much, actually it looks like certainly the best addon in that category.

    I can log in at the website without problem, but the Addon it stuck at "loading" when i try to log in.
    It reports an error when i try a wrong passwort, it will send me a reset link and i can register a new account (seemingly stuck there, too), but no matter how long i wait, log in does never finish.

    Tested with FF 43 and 54, both portable and installed, as well as with version 2.71 and 2.73 of the addon.

    Any advice? I will of course change the rating if I can get it to work.

    EDIT: thanks for the reply, i'll edit my rating as soon as i can try the new version.
    Forcing signatures and the not signing addons seems to be a rather annoying strategy, but the mozilla are doing all they can to drive people away from using FF as it seems.....

    this problem happens since Mozilla Firefox changed their API. We fixed immediately this problem in version 3.0.3 which is already pending for over than one month in the submission system. The Add-On is now in position 27 of 106.
  • If addresses could be coded to lowercase only, it would be perfect
  • I understand the bad reviews but for the years i'm using it had no problems.
  • The concept is good and when it works, it works well and does everything it purports to do but sooner or later I've experienced times when I don't received expected mail and have to try to contact the person I presume is the owner and get it cleared up. Sometimes this can take days since he doesn't seem to take this business as seriously as I take my email service. I've paid for a higher level of service and don't always get it. I created a disposable email address and waited for a confirmation email from a vendor and never got it. Then I tested it by sending myself email from one of my other email accounts and never got it. No guessing the number of emails I've lost during the days or weeks I haven't noticed. If I continue with this service, because I haven't found an alternative YET, I'll probably have to subscribe to a web site that sends daily emails so I'll notice when they stop. But I'll probably just discontinue using it and find another way to avoid spam. What a pity/shame that the owner can't keep it working properly.

    Had it been hours, I wouldn't have noticed it; however, the problem was for several days, at minimum, perhaps a week or longer.
    Dear customer,
    we had an issue with the filesystem on the outgoing mail server, so we had an outage of about 4 hours. The mails have been queued and send out later. We added a second outgoing server and implemented a load balancing and high availbility to provide in the future a better service with less outages.
    Sorry for the issue.

    Best regards,
    Stephan Ferraro, founder of TrashMail.com
  • The last two sites I tried using Trashmail.com at wouldn't accept the Trashmail email format.I had to use my real email. Most times,sites accept the Trashmail email address.Other than that,it works fine.
  • Required to register. No activation e-mail in exchange. No reply to e-mail from developer. May be abandon-ware. Try something else and don't waste your time.
  • Used this forever, thought it was great. Signed up for an account for my company, too. Now I suddenly get invalid password errors within the addon and though it shows my proper email there is no obvious way to address the password issue so it's useless to me at the moment.
  • Расширения, которые требуют сначала зарегистрироваться на своём ресурсе должны приравниваться к спаму! Регистрация - это зло!
  • This is a very confusing add-on. I added it to Firefox several years ago, stopped using for a while, and then returned to it recently. And, it's no easier to use than it was when I first discovered it.

    The available domain names (most begin with "trash") are an obvious hint to the person/organization sending you email that it's going into the trash--not the impression I'd want to make if I want to show any respect at all to that person/organization.

    It's not clear when you must sign up for the "plus" account. For instance, I've had a free account for years; yet, I cannot use the permanent email address associated with that account without signing up for a "plus" account.

    For some reason, the defaullt email address associated with my account is different from the one to which I want to send trash mail. And, I cannot change the default address.

    I don't know how much more confusing and frustrating an add-on could be.
  • **2015 edit** It no longer recognizes a longstanding account and now only has the paid version- despite claiming there still is the free version. I would pay for some services- but now I have some questions about this one. I am going to shop around a bit.

    The point is once your email gets contaminated it pretty much is shot and you are going to have to start over. The key is to limit how often you give out your real address until you are sure that the folks you are giving it out to are trustworthy.

    If you want high volume or some extra bells and whistles they have a cheap upgrade and it is centered in Europe.

    The only thing to consider is disposable mail services will hide you from spammers- but not from big brother. For that other measures such as a VPN and encryption are in order.