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  • The image is so bright and clear.
  • Not bad, I suppose
  • Roofinglongisland
  • Good
  • luar biasa mudah dan cepat
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  • Oh my god, thank you. I was getting so tired of the white backgrounds around standalone transparent images. Bless you, works perfectly.
  • Great addon, thanks for creating this!

    There's two features I'd like to request:

    1. Support URLs loaded through view-source, like "view-source:https://github.com/fluidicon.png"
    2. Support custom backgrounds or custom css (I'd like to use light-gray or this pattern: https://i.stack.imgur.com/vPnRU.jpg)
  • Always been reliable. Don't know what is just updated but it's nice that this is kept to date. Anybody know which extension shows image dimensions please? Wish Element Properties is regularly updated like this...
  • Does what it says it will do, can't ask for more than that.
  • Thanks for releasing v2.0.1, which is available since today (05 Oct 2017), which actually fixes the file:// bug. Would be useful to see the changes in the change log.
    Thanks, I've updated the change log to mention what changed in v2.0.1.
  • Simple and works as advertised. Finally I don't have to wonder whether a PNG is transparent or just has a white background added by Firefox.
  • Top MUST HAVE addon! Removes dull white background when you open the transparent images in a Firefox! It is strange that Firefox still have not been given users a choice: Want I the white background or not? Why Firefox developers still don't make "the Option" - background for transparent images - Yes/No. It's simple. But they ignore.

    On this thank you very much for this useful addon!
  • Firefox used to do this by itself, then for whatever reason I guess they felt it would be better without it. Super glad to have this feature back - hassle-free and works exactly as described!
  • All 5 stars for this addon! I've been trying to find a way around this stupid white background for a long time and this simple addon fixed my problem. Whoever the developers is - thanks, man! :D
  • Great add-on and very useful, thank you
  • So glad I found your forum post to your addon in google. This works awesome, thank you very much!
  • Thank you so much!
  • Praise the Lord for I have found a perfect fix for the transparent images and it's working like a wonder! THANK YOU 10/10 would download again!
  • Jared, you rock!!!!

    This new version (v0.1) works beautifully and perfectly on FF v29 RC1.

    Thanks a million for a great job, again! :)

  • Very useful and simple add-on indeed, but like SoftGil said, it doesn't work with the Australis interface on the first beta of Firefox 29. That's a real pity, I hope it gets updated soon!
    Thank you for the feedback. I have just uploaded an updated version that will work with Firefox 29 and above. It should be fully-reviewed soon and automatically update.
  • Very good tweak.
    I just made a modification to use a checkerboard like in Photoshop instead of a transparent background.

    I replaced in resources/transparent-standalone-images/lib/main.js "none" by url('')

    I wanted to do it with useChrome.css as suggested by no luck...
  • Returned image functionality to what previous versions of Firefox showed - transparent backgrounds where called for. Unfortunately, with the update to FF25, they're back to having grey backgrounds where transparent ones should be...
    Could we get an update to fix this? :)
  • Doesn't work on Firefox 25. Please fix it.
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