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  • You might overlook this as a simple, rather useless add-on. But trust me. You want this. You need this. Well, at least if you ever view images in Firefox. Not sure why Firefox isn't like this in the first place.
  • The image is so bright and clear.
  • Not bad, I suppose
  • Roofinglongisland
  • Good
  • luar biasa mudah dan cepat
  • Top
  • Oh my god, thank you. I was getting so tired of the white backgrounds around standalone transparent images. Bless you, works perfectly.
  • Great addon, thanks for creating this!

    There's two features I'd like to request:

    1. Support URLs loaded through view-source, like "view-source:https://github.com/fluidicon.png"
    2. Support custom backgrounds or custom css (I'd like to use light-gray or this pattern: https://i.stack.imgur.com/vPnRU.jpg)
  • Always been reliable. Don't know what is just updated but it's nice that this is kept to date. Anybody know which extension shows image dimensions please? Wish Element Properties is regularly updated like this...