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  • Works. June 2018
  • c'est exactement ce que je recherchai ! top
  • Very simple to install and configure, it replaced seamlessly the "classic complement" I used in the old Firefox, having a little more functionality, too - it tells me the speed I am donloading stuff at, which is not to be disregarded, as I live with a slowish copper ADSL and sometimes I have to tune transmission down.
  • HMMMMM....
  • Great! Works very well. Simple to use
  • It's a fantastic extension. It's a very easy to config.
  • Very nice extension, does exactly what it's supposed to do. An option to just add the torrent without going to the transmission web interface would be a great enhancement.
  • Works well, thanks to the developer! I would prefer if left clicking a magnet/torrent would add it without opening transmission web interface. You can avoid this by right clicking magnet/torrent and add it that way, but it's a bit more work.
  • well it works, but why force the page to go to the transmission web interface, rather than stay on/return to the page that the torrent/magnet link was clicked on? Maybe some people want that, but I we sure dont, wheres the option not to? what if you want to open multiple links on one page (happens a lot) ?
    Are you talking about the click to add? Use the right click menu item instead!!
  • Works as advertised! The icon could use some work as doesn't really fit in with the new Firefox 57 look, and a tooltip-style "added successfully" notification would be nice, but other than that I'm pretty happy with it. And if you're looking for ideas for version 2, maybe a "sort downloads by ..." option would be nice ;-)
    Thanks! Sorting is currently by queue order, latest first. I have considered making that configurable, but I'm not sure what else is a useful sort order.
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    Thanks, very helpful review.
  • Works well. Lightweight and simple!
  • Works OK. Some notification would be needed if adding was successful or otherwise.
  • Useless. Shows current dowloads but doesn't add new.
    Please use email or GitHub issues for support, not reviews!

    This is odd, if you can see them, you should be able to add torrents with the right click context menu action. Have you been trying to add private torrents? That didn't work before, but now it's supported in the latest version, 1.1.0 :)
  • It's doing the job fine. It's just not as good as the previous Addon I was using.
    It displays the torrents in a nice looking GUI, but there is no interaction with the GUI on the browser. In the previous addon I was able to enable slow-mode and stop the seeding of each client in the gui itself, whereas on this addon, I need to open up the transmission interface and do it from there.
    The torrent right click and add function seems to be very hit or miss. It's worked approx 50% of the time.
    I'm hoping this addon is still in the early stages of dev because I really like it as far as design. Just wish the functionality was a bit more stable and interactive.
    I might add a bit more interactivity in the future, but I'm not looking to replicate the whole web UI :D

    Adding might work better for you in the new version (1.1.0) — torrent files are now downloaded in the browser, so private torrents should work.
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