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  • buena
  • Davvero comodissimo per gestire i download (normali o magnet) di un server locale Transmission (nel mio caso un raspberry con OSMC e la sua versione di Transmission).
    Un grazie all'autore da parte mia.
  • Works. June 2018
  • c'est exactement ce que je recherchai ! top
  • Very simple to install and configure, it replaced seamlessly the "classic complement" I used in the old Firefox, having a little more functionality, too - it tells me the speed I am donloading stuff at, which is not to be disregarded, as I live with a slowish copper ADSL and sometimes I have to tune transmission down.
  • HMMMMM....
  • Great! Works very well. Simple to use
  • It's a fantastic extension. It's a very easy to config.
  • Very nice extension, does exactly what it's supposed to do. An option to just add the torrent without going to the transmission web interface would be a great enhancement.
  • Works well, thanks to the developer! I would prefer if left clicking a magnet/torrent would add it without opening transmission web interface. You can avoid this by right clicking magnet/torrent and add it that way, but it's a bit more work.
  • well it works, but why force the page to go to the transmission web interface, rather than stay on/return to the page that the torrent/magnet link was clicked on? Maybe some people want that, but I we sure dont, wheres the option not to? what if you want to open multiple links on one page (happens a lot) ?
    Are you talking about the click to add? Use the right click menu item instead!!
  • Works as advertised! The icon could use some work as doesn't really fit in with the new Firefox 57 look, and a tooltip-style "added successfully" notification would be nice, but other than that I'm pretty happy with it. And if you're looking for ideas for version 2, maybe a "sort downloads by ..." option would be nice ;-)
    Thanks! Sorting is currently by queue order, latest first. I have considered making that configurable, but I'm not sure what else is a useful sort order.
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    Thanks, very helpful review.
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