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  • It was working fine with gecko-based firefox... I understood you cannot make it work for Firefox Quantum, but would it be possible to support Waterfox?

    The extension is almost working in Waterfox, there seem to be only a small glitch (it is able to transliterate in the address bar, but not in a website form).
  • Almost perfect, all what I need. But... since almost a month the it has changed it's working mode - hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+Q doesn't do the transliteration anymore inside the page textareas and the addon's context menus doesn't appear anymore. I've tried to change the hotkeys since I've upgraded my Firefox Portable version to 55.0.2, but the transliteration still does not work in pages textareas (only in URL bar, search bar).
  • You are a life saver. Thanks a million!!!
  • есть актуальная альтернатива?
  • Най-добрата и полезна добавка!!!
  • Not compatible with Quantum, please update.
  • do it
  • War Seer Gut und für uns so leicht. Es fehlt. Alex mach bitte das es wieder geht.
  • alles super bis auf das, das nach dem neuen Firefox Update nicht mehr geht, BITTE macht es wieder das es geht!!!
  • Warum geht es nicht mit dem Firefox Quantum? Echt schade, eigentlich ist ein super Programm!
  • Great add-on. Hope it will be ported to Firefox Quantum soon!
  • Great add-on. Hope it will be ported to Firefox Quantum soon!
  • please fix it for >FF57. I really missing it in Firefox.
  • Please, Please fix it for FF57.
  • ochen ydobnay vesh byla .........
  • Stopped working as Firefox quantum was rolled out today. Can't find a substitute for it. Anyone has any ideas if they going to update the add-on in order to work with this version?
  • Too bad not compatible with Quantum. My #1 plug-in.
  • Works great for transliterating Russian without needing to learn the standard Russian keyboard layout.
  • http://qaztranslit.com/ is not working. Not useful for Kazakh users.
  • Unfortunately lacks support to the new "Electrolysis" feature.
  • Could you please make it compatible with multiprocess firefox as it only seems to work in the main UI process but not in tabs.
  • Неудобно то, что клавиатурное сокращение (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Q) не срабатывает в русской раскладке. Обычно сокращения работают не смотря на раскладку.
  • Does not work in e10s. :(
  • I use this occasionally to transliterate blocks of text, and it's very useful.

    For better or for worse, it's also geared towards native Cyrillic users in that it uses the F2 key, and it's happened to me that I've pressed that accidentally over the location bar and gotten rather confused when I couldn't "escape" from it (until I stumbled upon the fine manual). Other than that bit of nuisance it's fine.
  • A great extension, have been using it for years. However, in the last few days, I cannot type with transilteration in Facebook comment fields. Also, the F2 key (used to switch mode) does not work in Google Tables.
    As far as I can tell the issue is in facebook code.

    It installed a key listener on the comment field (for whatever sinister purpose it needs it I do not know, please make your own conspiracy theories ;)) Transliterator sends backspace keys to the input field to replace original input with mapped characters. Facebook ignores the backspace keypress events, and echoes back what it has logged after transliterator is done.

    re: F2 - There is no global shortcut registry in the world, I cannot tell Google that F2 is already reserved for something else. So - change F2 to some other key or use the menu.

    Come to think of it, Google Sheets is a perfect candidate for full-window transliteration mode ( Shift-F2 by default ) - this turns on transliteration for all cells instead of just one at a time.