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  • Doesn't work at all! Thumbs down for it.

    Developer response

    How does it not work? Feel free to submit a bug report on the Github repo.

  • I like very much this addon and I am using it everyday, Because When I want to translate one word or a paragraph from a website, I can "right click" the word I want, and I select "Translate This! - selection". Immediately it takes me to Google translate. Very convenient to me! Thank you. I highly recommend this one :-)

  • Useful tool, but...
    1. The add-on bar icon always re-adds itself and re-activates the add-on bar. This is intrusive and unnecessary.
    2. The icon does not work when added to a toolbar folder in the Firefox menu via Personal Menu.

    Unfortunately, for these reasons, I will be uninstalling. If they were to be fixed, this would be an excellent add-on.

  • Works as described, but I don't usually need the whole page to be translated, and the "select - right-click - click" thing is way too long-winded.
    I really loved to have sth like that Opera-Plugin; select the word, click on the translate symbol/hit shortcut and the translation-bubble appears in the edge...

  • Worked great and without any ergonomic issues.

  • I installed this for the first time today. I have a (removable) icon on the Add-on Bar, and the configurable hotkey works fine. But I don't have any entry in the context menu if I select text or mouse-over a link. Help please. These features (particularly select text) are critical for me. FF28.0b2

  • if i use keyboard short cut i get only: "invalid url entered. the page to be translated can not be a local file or https"i think is because https everywhere, would be nice to add https function

  • For choosing a shortcut key you KNEW was so close Ctrl+t, Shift+T, Alt+T you are a cold hearted bastard and I hope you choke.

    My keyboard is busted and it took me 10 min to type this. I hope for months you get a message without an X over your bank transactions, you Control key stealing b*stard.

    Developer response

    You can change the keyboard shortcut if you feel that Ctrl+Alt+T doesn't cut it.

  • After removing the icon from addons panel, after restart it appears again. Fix it, please. I dont need an icon.

  • This is a nice slim translation add-on that gets the job done. However, there are a few minor issues i that I hope will be addressed:

    1)When you move the button from its default location, it will cease to function until you reset firefox or disable/re-enable it.
    2) Upon browser load, the button ignores spaces and seperators placed to its right. It will jump to the right of those spaces until its next to another button.
    3)The popup notifications appear in a static spot above the add-on bar even when the button is moved to the navigation toolbar. Would be nice if the pop-up notification were displayed relative to the button's location.

  • is good, no restart, light,..but misses hotkey for translating selection only not the whole page. please developers provide this as well. thank you. also I have to point out like others did already the annoyance of opening a new tab and not a small popup

  • Does what it says and nothing more...

    Buy why does it - like (nearly) any other Google translation add-on - open a whole new tab or overriding the current, if I just want to translate a small paragraph, sentence or even a single word? That's annoying!

    It should open a small pop-up and behave like QGTranslate.

  • Unfortunately the app button doesn't do a thing. You can LMB or RMB click it and absolutely nothing happens.I would love to see the option to choose where this addon appear. I only need the button for translating pages. I don't want to see entries in menu. I got it cluttered enough already.
    Better yet, you could create light version with just a button redirecting to translated page. I would love to see that :)
    For the "on-the-site" translation i use www.Translate which uses 3 different engines to translate input sentences. Or you could try HyperTranslate.

    EDIT: it works now. Maby it was some error, or browser needed a restart.

  • Is a new version 3.0 and works ok on FF 22


  • once worked. but icon missing on add-on bar, or no item in context menu after upgrade to FF22

  • Opera has translation options built in. It's my favourite browser, so whenever I add functionality to Firefox, it's to make it work as well as Opera does.

  • I give it 5 stars, I just highlight click, page opens & sicut magicae (Latin for "just like magic") it's translated for me. Thank you for finding a way to bring Google Translate to the tip of our fingertips with just a simple mouse click or two.

  • No restart? That is funny because I had to restart before I got the context menu option. Otherwise works as advertised. Thanks!

  • The most frequent use case for me is translating selection, here addon does his job well.
    But when I try translating whole page, google page with error is shown on some pages (more properly escape urls?)

    And the most annoying - it tries to place it at the most bottom of the context menu, disregarding changes made by menu editor (I would like last item to be firebug inspector).

    By far it is one of the working and easy-to-use translator, so please, fix it.

  • This is a great add-on. Very helpful.I am giving it 4 stars because of a problem it's causing on my firefox 17. I was keeping it in add-on bar and it didn't let me customize the addon bar when it was there, every time my add-on bar got jumbled so i removed it from add-on bar and everything is fine.Please fix this.

    EDIT1: I am using "google translator for firefox" addon now, which is far greater addon than this. No offense..

  • too simple. Google Translator for firefox is better

  • leaves firefox 15 completely unusable. Can't scroll, screen not rendering properly...

  • Muchas gracias jackpot77 por el descubrimiento compartido, así podemos habilitarlo nuevamente y utilizarlo aunque sea con la barra de complementos y quitando el ícono de donde lo habíamos puesto, aunque seguramente pronto tendremos la actualización, en base a las pruebas que los usuarios como usted aportaron.
    -Thank you very much for the discovery jackpot77 shared, so we can re-enable it and use it even with the bar-ons and removing the icon from where he had set, but probably soon have the update, based on the evidence provided by users like you.

  • En Firefox 15 este addon trababa la pantalla, casi todo firefox, pero si se deja el icono en la barra de complementos (abajo) no traba nada, y en el menu del click derecho tambien funciona. De todos modos seria bueno si corrigieran para que uno ponga el icono donde mejor le parezca. Saludos.

    In Firefox 15 this addon crash this screen, almost everything firefox, but if you left the icon in the bar accessories (below) it works well, and the right click menu also works. Anyway it would be nice if the bug were corrected to place the icon where you see fit. Greetings.

  • Loved this until Firefox 15. On my install (Linux Mint 12), totally screwed up scrolling, the repaint of page while scrolling just wasn't working at all, but if you minimized and restored, you'd see where you'd scrolled to. Had to disable, will probably remove b/c I need something sooner than later, so will probably go with an alternate plugin. But hopefully you can get it fixed for other people!