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106 reviews for this add-on
  • needs an update

  • please update this addon to make it compatible with Firefox Quantum version 57 (WebExtension)

    Thank you !

  • Any chance getting an update version?

  • Works great and it still works with latest Firefox 56.0.1.

  • It doesn't work

  • I am looking for a new translator because I accidentally blocked a site from translating and now can't unblock it. There are no help or instructions to figure out how to do this. I've had to uninstall so I can get a new translator. I was ready to give to the developer until this happened and it is a no-go for me.

  • La traducción es correcta, usa la página de 'google translate' (gt) para generar las traducciones. Sin embargo dista mucho se ser eficiente ya que genera una pestaña con la página de gt para mostrar la traducción. Me gustó la opción de traducir página. Abre una pestaña en la página de gt con la página solicitada traducida pero lo que no me gustó fué que tienes que abrir el "Administrador de complementos" (Addons) y buscar manualmente el complemento para configurar el idioma de resultado. Me gusto que con solo oprimir su botón en la barra te envíe a traducir la página.

  • function: very good.
    but heavy on cpu resources.

  • The perfect one add-on to translate.
    No more Spanish mess..

  • Awesome

  • Никаких заморочек, никаких лишних телодвижений, открыл страницу, нажал на кнопочку и вуаля, вот тебе и перевод! Автор молодец, спасибо.

  • and I can't report it as the github reporting page won't let me create a username.. firefox 50.0.1.. It stopped working months ago .. tried everything..

    400. That’s an error.

    Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.

  • Works, fast access,easy to use

  • Doesn't work. Where is the button "Translate this" in the toolbar ? I don't see it. Shortcut doesn't work. I reboot my Firefox (50.0 last version) and nothing happens. Mac OS 10.9.5.

  • Very good app. I remove one star for the absence of shortcut for the translation of a selection

  • This add-on is not recommended because it does not always work.

    Developer response

    Please contact me with some examples of where it doesn't work. Thanks.

  • Thought I had found something neat and simple, but not so. Everything gets sent to a Google Translate page which prevents my operating on the source page. In practical terms, unfortunately, it is useless.

  • Firefox 47.0

  • Simple, useful and effective.

    EDIT: Doesn't work on text area.

  • Thanks!

  • not bad

  • This extension worked for what I needed it for but it also caused several major problems within FireFox even when not in use. It made the buttons on YouTube videos disappear. It caused several major loading loops when trying to load several different webpages. It crashed the browser once. As soon as I removed the extension everything went back to normal. Will be looking elsewhere, sorry!

    Developer response

    I'm really sorry about your poor experience. I honestly find it hard to believe that those types of problems could be caused by this addon. Translate This doesn't interact with webpages at all (so it can't make buttons on YT disappear).

    It's possible that there is something unique about your config that caused Firefox to behave incorrectly. Feel free to reach out to me with any additional information you think of (browser version, operating system, other addons installed, etc...)

  • By default all Google translation opens up in a new tab. That is the way I like it. That can be changed in the addon's options. Right-click any page to translate it via the link in the context menu. Or select text first and click the relevant link in the context menu. The translation icon at the top of the Firefox window is also working fine for translating full pages. That icon can be moved around via Firefox customization (right-click the top of Firefox, and click "customize" in the context menu). In the past that icon sometimes did not show up right away after installation, and only showed up after restarting Firefox. So if problems, try restarting Firefox to see if it helps.

  • No Icon on the Menu Bar. No "Translate this" when you highlight any text. What's goin' here? Consider this add-on removed. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Please please update :D