Tranquility Version History

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Version 1.1.3 66.1 KB Works with Firefox 16.0 and later

Minor enhancements:
Support for customization of link color, line width, text-justification.

Bug fixes:
Code modified from version 1.1.12 to take care of a corner case where the tranquility version reversed the display order of all the paragraphs in the web page.

Version 1.1.2 64.5 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

  • Non-English users can now select the Wikipedia language of choice from the Preferences window
  • Images and pre-formatted content will be re-sized to fit within the reading width
  • Additional support for multi-page articles. A navigation pane is provided at the top and bottom of the web page to navigate to the Next or Previous page or to a specific numbered page/link, if available
  • Code changes to use String Bundles for future localization
  • Improved handling of formatted links in the Tranquil Browsing Mode
  • If the Print or Single Page View does not return sufficient content Tranquility will now try to process the original page. This may help in some cases where the Print or Single Page View is available only to registered/premium users
  • Users can now select the pruning strategy used by Tranquility in its attempt to get a readable web page. The default option is a Conservative pruning strategy. The Moderate and Aggressive pruning strategies may result in truncation of relevant/useful content depending on the structure of the web page

Version 1.1.1 60.4 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

  • Tranquility ToolBar button provides direct access to Tranquility Preferences
  • Additional preference to enable PAUSE/BREAK button as a single keystroke shortcut for heavy users of Tranquility. This shortcut is disabled by default
  • Ability to customize background color and font color (or revert back to the defaults)
  • Additional links are now available through a "More Links" button
  • Tranquil Browsing Mode is enabled by default. In this mode, left clicking on a link in the Tranquility view will also open the link URL in the Tranquility view in the current tab. Ctrl+Left Click will open the link URL in the Tranquility view in a new tab
  • The main article s grayed out when viewing the Wiki panel or the "More Links" panel
  • If a web page has not completed loading fully, Tranquility will wait for it to complete loading before processing the document
  • Tranquility informs you when a web page has very little text content and reverts back to the original web page view. You can always force Tranquility to proceed anyway and show you the Tranquility view
  • FreeDictionary has been replaced with Wiktionary (no ads)
  • Bug fixes to improve handling of certain webpages

Version 1.0.6 54.3 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

  • Improved handling of some web sites that were not processed correctly
  • Preliminary support for HTML5 tags (article, section)
  • Changes based on AMO review feedback

Version 1.0.5 54.3 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

Minor improvement based on user feedback. Clicking outside the dictionary/wikipedia iframe will hide the iframe. This makes it easier that using the toolbar button or a keyboard shortcut.

Version 1.0.4 53.2 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

  • Fixed bug in font-size modification code
  • Added sub-menu to the Tool menu popup to access preferences window
  • Added keyboard access-key shortcuts to Tolls menu popup items
  • Preference observer will instantaneously update preference changes across all tabs in the tranquility mode

Version 1.0.3 53.2 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

-- Wider range of font-sizes (up to 64px)
-- Ability to select text in the tranquility mode and right click to search wikipedia or
** Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D will toggle the freedictionary query/view
** Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+W will toggle the wikipedia query/view
** Clicking on the toolbar button will hide the wikipedia/freedictionary view if it is visible (overloaded the function of this button for those who prefer this instead of keyboard action)

Version 1.0.2 52.2 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

-- New preference to control the width of the readable portion of the webpage

-- Changes to the toolbar button (size and code logic) based on AMO review

Version 1.0.1 51.2 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

* Repositioned the navigation toolbar button to end of the toolbar (based on feedback from preliminary review). For users who are upgrading, you will need to remove the button through the View --> Toolbars --> Customize menu (and drag the button off the toolbar and on to the pallet). On the next run, the button will appear at the end of the navigation toolbar

* Added the ability to customize the font family and the font size through preferences. Currently, the change will apply only to new pages that you run Tranquility! on.

Version 1.0 51.2 KB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later