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  • How do use (+)read later ?
    Once you click on (+) and then on the "Read Later" link; you can click on "Offline Links" to get a list of all pages saved for reading later. These are stored locally and accessible even without an internet connection.

    The "Offline Links" is available only after Tranquility Reader has processed a page. So, you will first have process some page first before you can access "Offline Links" saved in earlier sessions. This is a limitation of the current design. In future releases, I will try to add more user friendly ways to access the offline content without needing to run Tranquility on some page first.
  • Es fantastico
  • Great !
  • Work great filtering junk from sites, plus other handy features. Much appreciated!
  • 5 star for this!
  • Excellent extension!
  • Very useful and helpful.
  • Hi i hope developer want keep make update when needed because this only extension that is working and working good for make a web page truly readable
    Thank you for the review. The extension is being worked on -- please send email to the support page (or open a ticket on the github page for this extension) if you find any problems and I will try to address the problem.
  • The reader is probably the best for Firefox, but it didn´t identify the encoding of a page and the characters became messed. For example: http://www.planalto.gov.br/CCIVIL_03/_Ato2019-2022/2019/Decreto/D10024.htm
    Thank you for the review and the sample URL which is not processed properly. A fix for this specific URL is available now in the latest released version, 3.0.12. Please do let me know if you run into any other problems and I will try to address them.
  • This is the best! After using this its just no possible to read pages without tranqulity reader, because this removes all crap and focus on what you want to read instead.

    Love the options in the lower corner! Just click and it will present you with more links, offline reading, save and read later.

    Thank you!!!
  • I cant get the same experience using reader mode in Firefox as i get with Tranquility Reader.

    This is really a GREAT extension. Im reading a lot on the web, and using Tranquility Reader gives me a totally new and much improved experience reading and also save content for offline reading, customizing font. font color and so on.

    Thank you so very much for creating Tranquility Reader!