95 reviews for this add-on
  • It kills Google Docs and I can't find any way to provide an exception. That makes it unusable.
  • have & are using "Bitdefender-SRL, Virus Plus Scanner since 2013...GREAT...
  • Easy to use and adds another level of protection when browsing the web.
  • Péssima, Me impede de abrir vários sites!!!
  • il fait son travail
  • yes
  • Vyhovuje mi.
  • Could have a cleaner more aestetical design
  • excellent module !
  • Works well. Useful extension. Thanks.
  • Pages full of viruses are green apparently
  • It does a good job
  • its messing with my site. I have checked my site cleaned out anything that didn't belong. Also had the server people checked the site and they don't see anything. So I guess it creates false positives.
  • Me sinto mais seguro ao navegar na internet.
  • Love this! I have the Chrome version installed also (in Chrome of course), but that one doesn't work as well as this. For example I did a search on Google for Halle Berry. I received two green circles on the entire first page, but in Firefox there was a green circle on every result. I don't know why Firefox does it better, but I'm happy since I use Firefox more than Chrome.
  • Good, it satisfied me :P
  • (From the perspective of having a low budget, pre-built PC with a dedicated GPU. Disregard for mid tier and better PCs.)
    Works as intended, I'll give it that. My issue is the amount of CPU usage added (+10-30% on a G3260 dual core while watching a YouTube video compared to without the add-on), and RAM usage added (roughly +200 MB of RAM usage compared to without the add-on), it really just isn't worth it. Made YouTube regularly skip and stutter video frames. If you're like me, and see your computer as "the little potato that could", you'll be hard pressed to find an anti-virus that doesn't beat your browsing's performance like Rocky beats his meat.
  • Blocks Google Drive on both my account and my wife's account, indicating that there are viruses present. I'm quite certain these are false alarms.
  • tres bien sauffe que je suis un français alors voyer vous mon probleme et ne me dite pas qu'il existe des traducteurs non je veus la posibilitee de passer de l'anglait au français ou a l'allemand s'il vous plait merci a vous de faire le néssaicere
  • useful and convenient
  • I enjoy this extension. The only complaint that I would have is that it needs a facelift. I used to use Chrome, so I do know this could look better.
  • Many reviews are for older and out of date versions. Works very well now.
  • 99.9% of sites are 'safe' (Green)
    @Believe me, I searched for some real dodgy stuff which should light up like a Christmas tree ;)
  • tres bon produit