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  • Nice but how bout a toolbar button?
  • Well, on my mac, if the page is closed and firefox continues to run, or if i shrink it to the dock, the TrackMeNot icon changes from TMN: (search here if enabled) to TMN: ON again, and doesn't do any more queries until I quit firefox and start it up again. Other than that, its nice.
  • I've been using it for a while now, and Google services are functioning normally as they did before, as are all the other Google services.
  • I'm okay to protect myself against search data profiling, but just some minutes ago, TrackMeNot told I was from hamas. This is completely wrong and this is the best way to be watched and tracked by polices. So I'm really angry against Trackmenot ! I've uninstalled it. Thank you, TrackMeNot ! >:(
  • Cool, but fast queries are bad. Google blocks those who query too fast with a 403 forbidden page.
  • As far as I can see, it works fine. Of course I have no clue whether it does what it says it does (as is the case with other stuff in the computer), but the data in the log suggest it works perfectly. Also the 'burst' of false queries works well. Seems a good add-on to me.
  • Tis is one of a dozen or so addons I recommend to all my budz............
  • search word phrases are much too long,.resulting in slowing down of Firefox almost to the point of hanging
    sometimes I have to switch it off in order to complete what I'm working on