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  • I'm sorry if my english is bad but I'm Italian... I've read some of the last comments and I'm not sure that if you use another language than english, for example italian, it's works.
    Someone can help me?
    Thankyou very much.
  • I love the add-on. It does not slow my PC down any. As far as one reviewer's comments about turning off cookies and/or using Tor, etc. Nice in theory, but doesn't work well in practice. Many sites will not work if you turn cookies off and many others will not work when running Tor. The situation with these solutions remains that way and so I nixed both of them a long time ago. TMN is a great add-on. And benchmarking and resource usage tools I use show it is virtually no load on the machine. As far as wasting search engines resources, well if they prevented people from tracking search results the comment would be valid. But since they don't, TMN, TMN, TMN.
  • Will other languages be available? Because if you use another language than english, you can be tracked very easily
  • There are better ways to protect your privacy than wasting everyone's - not only Google's but also your ISP's etc. - capacities. Just turn off your cookies and/or use proxies or Tor
  • Works great for me, on both FF2.x and 3.x, I've been using it for several years. Yahoo will give you errors if you query them much more than 10/hr, I've never gotten google errors (even with several computers on LAN all running TMN), so their threshold must be higher. It's really not necessary to query 10/min to muddy up your search history. TMN coexists nicely with CustomizeGoogle (to anonymize google cookies).
  • Lol, google is going to sue its users because they don't want to be used and abused by having their information sold? Nukka please.

    I dont even see how those terms are even relevent. This isnt a webcrawler and its not making automated searches.

    Besides, according to article 7, section 18, paragraph 4, line 29 of the Federation of Internet Privacy Foundation Claus it says I'm entitled to my privacy when browsing the intertubes-so HA!

  • Wonderful addon, would be even better if it could somehow bypass google's protection against automated searches.

    (To vlkcodwnqj: Stop spreading FUD, users have the right to do whatever they want to protect their privacy. Some people may not like this, but who cares?
    If everyone read and abided to all agreements that we "agree" to when we use some web resource, what kind of lives would we be living? One would wonder if it is allowed to breathe..)
  • I Strongly Recommend Track Me Not....To me it is Very usefull Thank you Creater
  • Worked fine until yahoo started giving me the 999 error page, if you fix this
    it would be perfect.
  • Used to be great, but Google seems to be fighting back http://flickr.com/photos/mbierman/2535091888/

  • Thought it was working as stated,but Greatly SLOWED down laptop...uninstalled.
  • the concept sounds cool, but it would be even cooler if it were using the search plug-in descriptors for random query instead of hard-coded searches.
  • I don't know why this should be, but, with TMN enabled when I try to go to You Tube the page takes ages to load then doesn't display correctly as if I haven't got Java or Flash installed. If I then deactivate TMN the page loads perfectly. I've repeated this several times with the same result. All other sites work perfectly with it activated. Looking at network activity I see nothing unusual, it's not as if TMN is taking up bandwidth so what could be happening?
  • Nice but how bout a toolbar button?
  • Well, on my mac, if the page is closed and firefox continues to run, or if i shrink it to the dock, the TrackMeNot icon changes from TMN: (search here if enabled) to TMN: ON again, and doesn't do any more queries until I quit firefox and start it up again. Other than that, its nice.
  • I've been using it for a while now, and Google services are functioning normally as they did before, as are all the other Google services.
  • I'm okay to protect myself against search data profiling, but just some minutes ago, TrackMeNot told I was from hamas. This is completely wrong and this is the best way to be watched and tracked by polices. So I'm really angry against Trackmenot ! I've uninstalled it. Thank you, TrackMeNot ! >:(
  • Cool, but fast queries are bad. Google blocks those who query too fast with a 403 forbidden page.
  • As far as I can see, it works fine. Of course I have no clue whether it does what it says it does (as is the case with other stuff in the computer), but the data in the log suggest it works perfectly. Also the 'burst' of false queries works well. Seems a good add-on to me.
  • Tis is one of a dozen or so addons I recommend to all my budz............
  • search word phrases are much too long,.resulting in slowing down of Firefox almost to the point of hanging
    sometimes I have to switch it off in order to complete what I'm working on