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Thanks to bobbybob for pointing out an inconsistency in my original review. Not sure how I missed that, but I did. So today (4-4-12), I'm editing out my mistake. Here is my review: I love the idea of TrackMeNot helping your computer and you get lost in a sea of search queries to help avoid targeting and tracking. As far as I could tell, it executed its mission flawlessly. However, this morning (2-10-12), I noticed one of the search queries was 'police child porn.' That query is a darned good way to draw perhaps unwanted and unfair scrutiny. So I said good-bye to TrackMeNot.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.728.1-signed). 

I understand your concern about TMN sending this type of query. To address this issue we added the possibility to blacklist some keywords in the latest version of TMN (0.7.83). Note that you’ll have to restart your browser once you added keywords to the blacklist as TMN will have to generate a near list of queries.