Java Dependency Rated 3 out of 5 stars

A tool with a high level of integrated functionality, let down by its dependency on Java. The recent US government security advisory to disable Java access to the browser was for me the final push to actually remove Java (Silverlight, too) from all my computers - I rarely need it. So I have had to remove Total Validator as well - perhaps the only serious application which I use frequently which needs Java. I can get the TV functionality from a number of separate FF extensions, shame it's no longer all in the one place.

Java is not a risk, only the Java plugin is

It is only the Java plugin used with browsers that is a problem, Turn this off, or remove from your browser if you are worried by it. Total Validator does not use this plugin and so will still work.

If you don't want the plugin installed at all, then install our Java for Total Validator package. This is used solely by Total Validator and no other program and does not include the browser plugin.