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Nice! Any chance of an option to change the size of the status bar text or maybe it's possible to just make it larger? Also I thought a neat feature would be the ability to color the text based upon user defined speeds. For example the numbers being colored red if it was over 80% of the defined speed amber if it was over 60% etc. This way you could tell general client performance with just a quick glance.

If that was implemented then the ability to automatically set polling intervals based upon the speed could be added fairly easily too. Polling at slower intervals when download/upload speed is slow and faster when download/upload speed is higher would be really nice.

Ever thought of having a utorrent icon to the left of the status bar text? Also I'd like to see the option to open the WebUI in a new window by default. :D

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2.1-signed). 

Some interesting ideas. You can already open the webui in a different window (or tab) using the standard mouse clicks or modifiers configured for your browser. Typically a middle click, shift-click or ctrl-click will get you what you want.