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  • After extension's crash doesn't work. Unknown response, 403: Forbidden :-(
    Suddenly it works again. What was it?...
  • No disponibilidad para MacOS incomprensible.
  • Not working with Transmission - Error - Unknown Response (405: Method not allowed)
    This error most often means that your server path is wrong. On transmission you should point the path to transmission root (most likely and not
  • This is fantastic. Thanks for writing this and having the code on github. I dug around the code as the permissions concerned me, but I didn't see it phoning anywhere except to your assigned torrent UI. I haven't decompiled the extension yet but assuming that goes well and matches the github source I see no concerns over the permissions and they make sense since you don't have a site white list (which I'd recommend as a feature request to limit permissions in the future).
    Using minimum amount of permissions is one of my design goals. Hopefully we can get rid of "use data on all sites"-permission when content handler supports comes available.
  • Thanks for this; it works, but is somewhat limited. I wish I could select the download path and labels out of a dropdown when clicking a torrent. If that's too complicated, maybe we could at least set a default download path to be used when left-clicking torrents - right now it seems to send it off without a path supplied unless you navigate the context menu options.
    I have planned including "Add with advanced options"-window which would allow selecting download directory, labels and possibly bulk adding torrents. Hopefully I have time to add it in some point,
  • This extension allows me to send a magnet link to my VPN'd VM Seedbox running Qbittorrent and pick what directory I want the file to download to. Apps like this can improve a torrent program so much.
  • Doesn't work.

    edit: Adding torrent fails every time with an extremely unhelpful "Network error". No further details or instructions given in the UI or in the documentation.
    Can't really do anything without details.

    Edit: Firefox doesn't expose more detailed error messages about network communication. Authentication etc. do have their own error messages. This is most likely related to wrong hostname or port (or about anything from firewall to cable not plugged).
  • the best app for torrent control :)
  • Seems like the first (and currently only?) magnet torrent add-on that supports left click downloading so I don't have to right click and "add torrent" anymore. FANTASTIC!
  • hola esta genial
  • Excellent extension, easy to configure and supports cloud torrent.
  • Just what i needed. I was worried there wouldn't be an add-on like this for FF. You are the MVP sir. Thanks!
  • Works great with my seedbox. Easy to setup. My only problem with this addons is that I can't set it to handle .torrent file by default. Has to spent few seconds to add the torrent using the right click (context menu). Don't get me wronged, It's still way ~ better than having to switch tab everytime given that the drag-&-drop feature isn't there. The lack of advanced setting might be a problem for some people.
    Automatic torrent link catching is a new feature that just landed couple of days ago. I haven't included advanced setting to specify regexp patterns yet, as normal people don't really know how to use them. And link catching in my mind is something that should just work out of the box. Can you send me the unmatched url pattern via github issue or feedback form?
  • Simply one of the best I've used. without this add-on I will switch browsers
  • Works well. I needed a replacement for my old FireFox 56 Addon (BitTorrentWebUI) that stopped working with the new Firefox, and this one definitely does. Very happy with it. I like the fact that it adds a context menu, so that I can choose to download either locally (just by clicking on a Magnet Link, and it fires up in my local uTorrent), or I can right-click and send it to my seedbox. Very nice to have that choice without having to copy/paste links like I did with the BitTorrentWebUI.

    Get a PayPal address Mika, I'll buy you a beer. :)