Tor-Proxy.NET Toolbar 0.3.3

Privacy Policy

§ 1 - Personal data

Personal data are to be experienced information, which can be used to reveal your identity. These are for example your real name, address, postal address and telephone number. Information, which do not link directly to your real identity (as for example the IP address) fall not under it.
I collect and store in principle no personal data. Only if you contact me, personal data (E-Mail, name in the header of the Mail, etc..) if indicated is stored by me.

Same applies, if you leave a comment in the blog-area which contains personal data.

§ 2 - Not personal data

In the context of the use of Tor-Proxy.NET various data (so-called Logs) results, which do not link to a person directly.

To it belong:

* the IP address of the calling
* the used Browser
* the used operating system
* the Website visited last (so-called Referrer)
* the prefered language
* the screen resolution
* the called URL
* Time of the access

In the long to run a service such as Tor-Proxy.NET is not possible without collection some of these data, since they are indispensable for technical and statistic purposes. On the other hand I have to avoid that over detours this data could be used, to link to the person who used Tor-Proxy.NET. This is sometimes possible for example by means of the IP address. Therefore with each access the IP address of the user is only stored in form of a MD5-hash-value, and only for 24 hours. In order to prevent attacks by using Rainbow tables, additionally to the IP a random value is also included into the computation of the hash value. Thus the Hashwert is clear, it cannot be reckoned back with the at present available technology. Instead of + $random value so for example a1ef5be68022281bd995b3bfba8ae403 is stored. All log files of the current processes are stored only in a RAM disk (a volatile memory) and are deleted after 24 hours irrevocablly.

§ 3 - Links to other Websites

As far as Tor-Proxy.NET links to other websites, I do not have any influence on their data security practices.

§ 4 - FireFox Add-on

The FireFox Add-on submits the URL to be called to Tor-Proxy.NET when it is used. No other data is collected, stored or submitted. The source is publicly observable and can be examined by everyone.

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