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  • I can't wait til this is available for my version of firefox
  • WHY!? Not supported anymore? I'm downgrading my FF to get back all the tabs saved in your app hoping I can recover them! What do I do if not!? Shame on FF for not keeping such a great extension as part of their development!
  • Brilliant add-on - Should be written into Firefox core code!
  • This was such a helpful app but now it's not available with Firefox 57, soooo disappointed!!
  • This is the most useful extension I have ever had. It lets me keep my internet addresses I feel are important, in named file folders and I can refer back to them at any time and they are not hard to find.
    Unlike basic bookmarks, this is a far superior piece of software.

    I do wish Firefox would put Too many tabs back in an updated version for the new Firefox. Then I would like my firefox a lot better.
    Right now, I downloaded an older version of firefox just so I could use Too many tabs.

    TMT is the best!
  • What the heck? Not supported anymore? I'm downgrading my FF to get back all the tabs saved in your app hoping I can recover them! Shame on FF for not keeping such a great extension as part of their development!
  • For a brief period a while ago that TMT wasn't working with the latest FF update I had no trouble choosing to use another browser, since TMT makes FF so much better, so I'm very sorry to hear it will soon no longer be supported.

    My sincere thanks to the developers, I wish the Mozilla folk would consider adding this, it was a good idea, well executed, I will miss it when it's gone.
  • ==The TMT arrow was not working for me and it turned out it was due to me having 'double click' mapped to 'Duplicate tab' on Tab Mix Plus, so I set it to do nothing on there and then the TMT arrow worked normally with a double click==

    I haven't tried every single feature of TMT, but so far it works great, specially since I had so many tabs from different categories. There are just a couple of issues that are always in my head bothering me:

    The first one is that I really dislike the big yellow pin icons for the pinned tabs and I can't change or edit them. I wanted to edit the Pin, List All Tabs and Closed Tabs icons to be more like Firefox's current simple white icons, but I don't think they can be edited manually ("unsigned add-on"). If not that, I wished there was an option to not mark the pinned tabs with an icon and have the unpinned tabs marked with icons instead (since there's an option to pin tabs by default, which I chose). The icons also mean less space for the tab names/titles, so there's also that.

    The other issue I have is that it would be so nice to have an option to set the tabs to be grouped in columns along the TMT toolbar, rather than in rows (kind of like the rows switching places with the tabs in the TMT toolbar) and have the Tab List of each column/group appear above each one when I click on them (like they appear when clicking on the 'List All Tabs' button, but for each column/group). I have many rows right now and I don't want to have more than one visible on the TMT toolbar because I don't want to take all that space away from the page.

    The notion of not having these options is always itching, but I know my issues could be considered more like a matter of preference, so I'm not sure if I should list them here...
  • the TMT arrow not response after click. The tab not add to the current TMT row. Please advise

    * I mean the double click is not working.
    Due to changes in FF tab layout, please use double click to send a tab to TMT. Hope it helps.
  • This add-on is the best, but with the new Firefox versions the lower rows cannot be seen completely..any plan to fix it? I would appreciate it!
  • When I go to TMT Settings > Interface > TMT Tab, it says to Send tab to Domain Row when you click on the TMT arrow. Uhh, where is this TMT arrow? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/toomanytabs-saves-your-memory/versions/
    Says it was added on version 1.1.2, but only compatible up to 3.7. If that's the case, did the developers forget to remove that option in the current version or am I missing something? And someone needs to make a new tutorial on the new version or at least show me screenshots to see what I'm missing.

    Edit 1: No, that didn't help.
    Edit 2: I clicked the arrow, but it doesn't send the tab to Domain Row.
    When the mouse is over the selected tab label, the TMT arrow will appear (replacing the site favicon). Hope that helps.
  • It was such a good addon but now with the FF v47.0.1 it does not work any more. When clicking on the Toggle button only the first 1 and 1/2 rows are visible
    Please fix it, thanks!
  • TMT is the best one i've ever used ... i don't know why till 2017 but still it's really better than any other add-on .while i was stuck in memory problem, it was TMT who saved me . to the Developer : i'll appreciate all your efforts on making this great add-on .
  • I love TMT and almost can't live without it! If it's not because of FF. let me decide diskcache location(set to RamDisk to save my SSD's lifespan) I would gladly switch to Chrome!

    I have 1 little problem: TMT 1.4.8 cannot display all my rows! Not enough space for even 1 row showing. I have set "number of visible rows to 8" but it's showing less than 1 row no matter what number I set.

    If the developers could fix this, that would be a great present to us all - until end of 2017. Thank you very much!

    ** For the Developer's reply **

    Thank you very much! It works! Now just need to get used to it showing at the bottom of FF. Thank you!
    For multi-rows, please go to TMT options and choose "Bottom" for TMT anchor. Hope it helps.
  • This is so useful in being able to quickly save tabs out of the way but get them back quickly. I've avoided upgrading to the latest version of Firefox so I can keep using it until I can find an alternative.
  • Really thank you, I know this addon from long time now I download it several times and I didnot made attention to what the benefit exactly.
    It simply gave a solution to a lot of problems in firefox, I can t even explain how...
    very good work:
    -It s a second bookmark toolbar working with the same bookmark store gaeving you unlimited rows of bookmarks with even a list of all the tabs and a unclose tab button :3
    - It s a session manager if combined with "Open Serial Tabs" addon witch add an entry to load the bookmarks in unload state loading only the link and title.
    - It s a secondary tab list or tab bar with unlimitted rows with unloaded pages = 0 memory and cpu is used.

    Good work and God help you
    Thanks again
  • This add-on is one of the essential add-ons that must be used by any Firefox to organize and save the browser's memory, by the end of 2017, this add-on will no longer be supported due the new upgrade or what so ever Firefox called it, I demand Firefox to keep and support these marvelous add-ons and all "traditional" add-ons, if not, our support and loyalty will shift to Chrome!!!

    Dev, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the long run with us by updating and develop the add-on over these years, even if I have to follow you to Chrome I will.

    With you till the end <3

    Best regards,
  • This is one of the handful of Firefox addons that was a must have for me. Now that it's being phased out I won't have to bother with updating FF anymore 'cause I don't plan to do so and stay free of their endless compatibility problems. I will just keep TMT on my old FF, Pale Moon, Cyberfox and Chrome. Thanks to the developer for this fine app. Pretty sure I contributed early on.
  • 該死的火狐還我toomanytabs
  • This used to be the best add-on ever! I've relied on it for so long and now I don't know what to do without it. Come on Firefox - call the folks at Visibo to apologize and tell them you're gonna support TooManyTabs again! Say it was a mistake b/c this makes no sense!!!
  • lastima ya no es compatible con la version mas reciente de firefox, yo me quedare en la version 46 de firefox usando tranquilamente TMT hasta ver si el dueño de esta extension puede hacer algo para que funcione en las versiones mas recientes de firefox, muchas gracias por traernos esta gran extension que de verdad ayuda mucho en el uso de pestañas y marcadores en nuestro navegador
  • Thank you for making such a great addon. Sadly, this does not support on our current firefox version anymore. Does anyone know if there is any replacement for this addon? :/
  • My rage at Mozilla will be moderately swift and fairly brutal, though is subject to what I can actually be arsed to do.
    This add-on is incredible, and improved my productivity at work and home by an incredible margin (regular bookmarks just suck too much arse).

    Please Mozilla, let it live!
  • Como puede ser que cada vez que uno esta usando un BUEN plugin, el equipo de Firfox se las arregle para que no lo usemos mas?, no es ni la primera ni la segunda vez que pasa esto.

    Me tiene cansado este tema, siempre he sido ferviente seguidor de Mozilla, pero hace un par de años que se han puesto bien en pelotudos para el desarrollo.

    Voy a migrar a Chrome, esto no pasa con ese navegador.

    La valoracion de 5 stars es para TMT, no para Firefox. que quede claro.
  • Easy to use, with it i organised my 100+ bookmarks and read it later stuff, do-it-later stuff. Now since Firefox blocked it im very sad