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  • Nice place for sharing

  • Will miss it; any chance of updating for TB v60+?


  • Only source of "delete junk" button!

  • Please update for us Waterfox and Pale Moon users!

  • This is one of the best extensions. They make using Firefox so much more convenient. I hate to see it go with the new version of Firefox that's coming this summer. I have used this almost since I first started using FF, which has been 15+ years ago. I downgraded my FF version 52.5.3 just so I could use these again. Really a bad decsion for FF to change so drastically that many of these type of extensions won't work anymore without major rewrites on the part of other developers. So, I'm going to hold out as long as I can so I can continue to use my favorite add-ons and extensions.

  • Hello
    Please update for quantum :)

  • Have used this for years.

    This is the kind of plug-in that Mozilla was supposed to be all about. "Your browser, your way." Add functionality, add toolbar buttons, etc.

    Mozilla has transformed into Chrome. Why use it at all after 54.0.1 or 57?

    If/when I have to update beyond 54.0.1, it will be Waterfox, which hopefully will work with this plugin.

  • Had to make changes to about:config to make it frozen. Two extensions I can't live without: Toolbar Buttons and Adblock Plus (with element hiding). I no longer wanted to live when Toolbar Buttons didn't work with the latest FF update. :-) Like Furshur, I am super careful in my browsing experience.

    Michael B., you stated, "Instead I will be splitting it into smaller extensions which I will upload. I am keeping a list of which ones are WebExtension enabled here." I don't understand. Will you make other Toolbar Button extensions to replace the current one?

    Michael B., here is my current toolbar button layout: https://s1.postimg.org/91qh3gle8f/My_Toolbar.jpg
    Is there any way I can have all the above buttons when you do your splitting of extensions? Do PaleMoon and Waterfox have extensions like your Toolbar Buttons?

    P.S. Three cheers for Toolbar Buttons. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. R.I.P.

    Developer response

    What it means is that since with WebExtensions I can only have a single button in an extension, I need to create a separate extensions for every single button in Toolbar Buttons. So far I have done just 21.

    At this time yes and no to your current layout. Some of them I have done, some I will soon do. Some of them like the restart button simple can't be done.

    Palemoon and WaterFox were split from Firefox some years ago. They are actively maintained but have not followed Firefox on things like disabling "legacy" extensions. Toolbar Buttons should install and work on both of them.

  • I've read your answers to people begging for an update, and your explanation about one icon per extension in WE—which I think is moronic on the part of Firefox. They control only a small fraction of the browser world. They lost that battle to Google already, and now they want to drive others away. However, I think freezing the updates is just fine if one takes the necessary precautions. I run Malwarebytes Pro, AVG Pro, and have a hardware firewall. On some machines I've used ZoneAlarm as a software firewall for use elsewhere besides home. I have been a professional IT since 1984 (yes 33 years). I used Firefox since v1 or whatever; I used the pre-Firefox version called Netscape. In all that time I have NEVER been infected with a virus, trojan or any other malware. (Yes, I have accidentally installed BS toolbars when I didn't take the time to carefully read the installation screens—even Adobe tries to load McAfee garbage, which I find cheap and crappy). I prefer to control my own security rather than allowing the nitwits at Firefox to control it for me.

    So, three cheers for Toolbar Buttons. That, and two other extensions I need, require blocking any further Firefox updates. Meanwhile, I'm checking other forked versions of Firefox like Palemoon. Cheers.

    Developer response

    I still think freezing updates is a bad idea. It is better going to PaleMoon or Waterfox (they are the two main alternatives).

  • not making this work is a huge mistake. I may have to download the old version of firefox because of the loss of functionality. SO LAME! This was a must have addon.

    Developer response

    I would not go with an older version of Firefox for long, there would be security patches you are missing out on. Better idea might be to jump to something like PaleMoon that does support "legacy" extensions.

  • Awesome addon! Please update it to webextension

    Developer response

    I am sorry, webextension is limited to one button per extension. So as such this can't be updated at this time. I am trying to release all the buttons as separate extensions. Check my profile, you can find others.

  • We need this back. Badly.
    If the "one button per mod" rule is what is holding this up.
    Is it maybe possible to turn this into an addon that can be installed with multiple instances, and just let's the user pick an icon and a command they'd like executed?
    Let everybody make their own toolbar buttons?
    This just popped into my head while I was pondering how badly I miss being able to close a tab from a button I had right under the address bar, instead of having to find the (far too small) 'x' on the tab, opening a context menu, or reaching for the keyboard to do the shortcut.

    EDIT: Yah, separate addons for separate buttons make more sense. I had been so used to the old mod, I hadn't even thought to check what I could find as separate buttons. Turns out, a few already exist, so I got my beloved "close tab" button back already.

    Developer response

    Much easier to just release each command as a separate extension and let you choose that way.
    And just to be clear, the one button per extension is what makes updating this impossible. Being slow about releasing others is because I have to almost totally rewrite each of the commands to work against the new webextensions API.

  • I so MISS the snap back function in FF 55+, please keep on coding so it comes back alive! <3

    Developer response

    Ok take that back what I said before about having failed to do the snap back button. I have have a truly horrible, but working solution for snap back now.

  • It pains me to see this Add-ons go.The reason i used firefox is because of great addons like this.Will definitely donate if the author wanted or needed any financial help.Developer like this guy deserve all the funds he needed.Infact FFox should pay him for developing such an essential addons.Thanks for everything Button Guy

    Developer response

    It is not totally gone, I have released a number of the buttons from it as separate extensions, and I am trying to release more all the time. If you post to my forum with those that are particularly important to you I might try to do them sooner rather then later.

  • if you can bring it back, i would love that.
    sad that it is firefox users like the author of this addon, who are needed to make firefox useful.

    re: Developer's reply
    very kind of you to care so much about firefox users who benefit from your work. sad to hear about the limitations. best of luck! :-)

    Developer response

    As said before, I can't bring it back unless there are changes made to what it is possible to do with webextensions (specifically the one button per add-on limitation). Trying to provide alternatives but slow going right now.

  • At first, it showed that it was NO longer compatible! I downloaded the .xpi file and was then able to install it manually using that file without any problems!

    Developer response

    Those saying it is incompatible are using Firefox 55+. Then it will not work without major changes.

  • I cant afford much myself. Someone needs to make this pack add-add on workable! best thing ever. made firefox so much easier. One click for this, one click for that. Firefox itself 'out of the box' so to speak has pretty much nothing to use when it comes to buttons. I can now do nothing that i used to. And even though theyre only little buttons, im now looking for another browser. It may be something small but it made my browsing so much easier.

    Developer response

    New developments in Firefox have made continuing impossible. It is just not technically possible. I am working to provide alternatives but it is slow work, and I am busy.
    If your looking for another browser try Pale Moon, then you can install this extension again.

  • I LOVE this extension, It makes FF much more usable to me. I use it with Pale Moon, no problem. But it does not work with the new version of FF, so until the dev updates it, it's by by Toolbar Buttons.
    In regards to Dev's response, I totally understand now. FF is getting ridiculous with this crap, but so is Chrome. I've been looking at Pale Moon and Vivaldi, so far Pale Moon has been great, but Vivaldi is just a mess and has been for some time.
    I'm changing my review back to a 5 star based on the fact that this still works in the newest version of Pale Moon and it really is one of the most invaluable addons I use in it.

    Developer response

    Updates for Firefox will not be happening for this extension. It can't be done. I am working though on alternative options.

  • It was a great time with this add-on. One of the most important.

  • I love this addon but it no longer works with the new version of FF.

  • toolbar buttons is a very good add-on.
    I used it all the time,
    Incompatible on 64 bit 55.0.3
    It became unusable.
    Please continue to develop it.

  • Found this to be an extremely handy add-on. But it no longer works for FF 55.0.3. I'm hoping the owner quickly updates this add-on and makes it available.

    Developer response

    Please read the note at the top of the description.

  • Toolbar Button was one of the best add-on for FF
    Just hoping you will reconsider your position for a "webextension" version

    Developer response

    If at some point a webextension version would become possible, I will do it. But for now with the limitation of one button per extension the only option is to split it up into smaller extensions.

  • Very good add on. Wish it worked with Waterfox..

  • Have been using it for years in FFox and TBird. So many of the buttons are Essential, they should have been built into v1.1 of both. Sorry to see it go. We'll sure miss you!