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  • Today is Dec 16 and the sidebar is still usable, although it's quite ugly.
  • According to Toodledo:
    Our Firefox Addon is obsolete and no longer supported. We recommend that people switch to using our Bookmarklet instead, which serves the same purpose but works across all browsers.
  • Works well as an extension of ToodleDo. I've used ToodleDo for years as a web app and an iPad app. This extension works well to let me add tasks quickly and easily as I think of them without loading the desktop App or using my iPad.
  • Great addon, but the version at Toodledo's site is newer: http://www.toodledo.com/widget/firefox_plugin.php
  • Sorry but I can't update my review below. Appears the form has a bug.

    Update 6/9/2011. I filed a Toodledo ticket 20982 on the master password issue but they can't reproduce. Looking for user Janzomaster who wrote the review below with the same problem.
  • Good to have some integration btw Toodledo and Firefox but some functionnalities are missing for me to really use the module:
    1) possibility to keep a window open outside firefox
    2) possibility to create subtasks
    3) possibility to see tasks and subtasks in the main view
    4) possibility to use smaller fonts
  • Works well, some issues remain, though:
    - pretty ugly interface
    - "refresh" needs to be hit once a task has been marked as completed
    - does not support more than one sort criteria, I can only have tasks sorted by priority (but then with absurd order otherwise) or alphabetically (but then with priorities messed up)
  • The quick add button is nice but the sidebar portion is just a slim, mobile-like version of the insanely ugly Toodledo site. In the sidebar, once you click a check box as complete, you have to hit "refresh" button in the sidebar to get the check box to save. That "refresh" issue is really annoying.
  • @offsky, Any chance you could fix the bugs and improve this addon?
  • Unusable in the two attempts I have made. This addon doesn't do anything (does not add a task at all)
    What a waste of time for a very basic bug, unfixed for many months.
  • ”Contextual Menu - > Right click mouse to open the contextual menu -> add a task with the selected text as the note“ works on FF 3.6.3. It'll be perfect if the format (I mean carriage return and new line character) of text will be kept!
  • I can't believe the incredibly stupid bug in this thing. They add the ability to rightclick anywhere and make a task out of a page. great right? until you try to click on the link in the notes area and it opens IN THE SIDEBAR. and there is no way to open it in the main tab. how annoying and completely opposing the point of the context menu.
  • Addon is alright, could be auto-updating.

    Almost unusable if you've set a master password - triggers an endless amount of master-password dialogs before(!) startup...
  • Where do I get a version that works with FF 3.5 as all the links mentioned are for version 3.0
  • Just installed latest version (FF 3.5 compliant). Awesome. I recommend users customize toolbar to include Toodledo's ADD TASK and TOGGLE TOODLEDO SIDEBAR buttons for quick functionality.
  • Just installed latest version (FF 3.5 compliant). Awesome. I recommend users customize toolbar to include Toodledo's ADD TASK and TOGGLE TOODLEDO SIDEBAR buttons for quick functionality.
  • when adding a task, and filling the due date, when clicked on the calendar, the bullet should switch from "none" to the other option automatically.

    great addon =)
  • FF 3.5 version is available on toodledo site. Here is the link

  • I LOVE this add-on! It helps me stay organized. It's so convenient. A must-have
  • Could you please, update version? It's working with late on my mac, but not on windows' latest
  • Great addon. Waiting for the 3.5 update!
  • would be nice to have an updated version!
  • If you use Toodledo and Firefox, then this addon is a no-brainer. If you haven't tried Toodledo yet, but are interested in an online task manager with great Firefox integration (and all sorts of other integration as well), I would absolutely recommend Toodledo. It is the best task management system I have come across, and I have tried a lot of them.

    The new version of the addon should arrive on this site at some point, but you can get it right now here: http://www.toodledo.com/widget/firefox_plugin.php
  • Go to toodledo website - "Help & News" - Search "firefox addon" - You will find the updated addon! Thanks.
  • Shame it's not updated for newer version of FF. Can't download bcoz of new FF version..
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