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  • プライベートウインドウでも動作するようにしていただけたら、うれしいです。
  • Ce plugin devrait être en natif !
  • Brilliant add-on! I don't know why this isn't implemented within Firefox on default. I didn't even think that pressing escape would close the find bar by default. Thanks! I hope the bug with the private window gets fixed.
  • I registered here only to write these words:
    Good god, finally I found the way to revert stupid gift from firefox developers found in v 25. Find bar again - as it should be !! Thank you ashphy!!

    In addition, as an output of my frustration:
    Who was so stupid that now FF requires such plugins to normally work? Who was so stupid that he couldn't realize how this option is really used? Normally I open google and search for something. I open 10+ sites each time. Then I open find bar on first site and search for key words used in google search. Then I go to second site and I expect easy search for the same keyword there - just by pressing "Next" again! Then I go to third, fourth and so on. But no, some half brain genius decided that in FF 25 users don't want to easily extract key words from dozens of google search results. Now all FF users on the world just open single tab or even if more, then for sure on every tab they just look for different keywords! For sure, someone from Mozilla just made global poll and asked EVERY user on the planet how they use find bar and he/she found that separate search and hidden bar for each tab must be THE BEST OPTION FOR EVERYBODY!! So sorry fuckers, no option to choose if you like old or new find bar behavior. There is ONLY ONE PROPER BEHAVIOR. And FF developers have call with God so they know which one is the only one.
    And that's why we need to use this plugin. Because God was wrong. Of course God, because FF developers can be no wrong!!
    In the end I am under impression that I was writing about Microsoft practices from late 90ties and early 2000ties - "this is the best solution because we decided like that" or "this is not a bug it's a feature". Not so long time ago they acquired Nokia, so maybe also Mozilla is already owned by Microsoft and this is why we get this "only best option" shit?
  • This add-on is really great, makes you wonder why it's not in Firefox by default.

    It works wonderfully with the exception of one problem, doesn't seem to work when on a private browsing window.
  • nice nice!
  • Simply great. Thank you. Seems like it could become a(n even simpler) userstyle for Stylish; That would be even better! Obligatory "this should be the default behavior, Mozilla!" comment.
  • Worked instantly and perfectly in Firefox 25 on Ubuntu 12.10. Simple yet effective. Thank you.
  • Firefox should apply this by default.

    please add similiar function for F3 :D
  • My apologies to the developer, I've tried to contact you by e-mail about this but received no response. If you feel this review is unnecessary and you will fix the existing bugs, just let me know and I will promptly remove this.

    Toggle Find Bar provides a nice functionality for easy access to the find bar. However, it has some issues with the quick find bar, as some users have already mentioned in previous reviews.

    I have written my own add-on, called "FindBar Tweak", which also allows you to toggle the find bar through it's shortcut, with a few behavior improvements to make it more intuitive to use. I would invite everyone to switch to FBT, which ensures it will remain compatible with future versions of Firefox and as bug-free as I can make it!

    I'm sorry for the spam, but I believe my add-on now becomes a necessary alternative to Toggle Find Bar, which is beginning to show signs of important bugs, while the developer is apparently unreachable.
  • Really nice addon and this really should be the default bahaviour. Special thanks to "ktdid" for the hack mentioned bellow. I was just about to remove the addon. Please find a fix.
  • Great add-on... until I accidentally hit "/" (hotkey for quick find) and ctrl+f started to toggle not the standard find bar but the quick find bar (only this one does not disappear after 5 seconds, so it is a find bar after all). Choose "find" from menu and all is ok again.I give it 5 stars in the hope that this little bug can be fixed quickly and easily :)
  • Great add-on but recently it stopped focusing on the box to write my search term when i hit ctrl+f, its a problem with the addon because when i disable it and press ctrl+f it lets me write directly without having to click on the text box.

    EDIT: it got FIXED just one day later, really nice to see a responsible developer, thank you.
  • As others have said, should be default behavior, but would be better with an option to toggle with a different command because I often find I mean to call up the find bar when it is already up, and if I am editing in a textbox at the time, the words I start typing will instead go in the textbox. Maybe shift-control-F would better work to close it instead.
  • Love this thing. could use some tweaks possibly another way to activate?Marking it as a favorite so I'll not forget again.
  • Does EXACTLY what it should.It feels like it was part of Firefox's design; it's seamless... Great work!
  • Good idea, but it's very annoying that I never know whether the find toolbar is open or closed. I often press CTRL-F to find out that I've just closed the dialog.
    I suggest to modify the behaviour a little, so that the find toolbar is closed only when pressing CTRL-F twice.

    I actually implemented the modification, you can find it in the forums when searching for "toggle find bar".
  • Excellent! The simplest way of an on/off 'find' switch.
  • i'd like to choose the shortcut to show/hide the bar
  • Please apply the source code window.
  • Why isn't this default? Perfect.
  • Adds a truly necessary feature that should be included by default in Firefox. So small yet so simple, cheers to the developer. MUCH love.
  • Very nice tool and well worth the download.

    Thank you.
  • Precisely what I needed. Thanks a bundle!
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