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  • Every time when I open the extention for translate something - it stand at "automatically" lang. And every word that I want to translate - I most to choose the language every time.
  • Please, add saving language settings of previous use.
    Right now, after leaving application dialog, user needs to select languages again next time he visits the app.
  • ningun traductor de ve en la barra de heerramientas
  • v3.10 still best for use. Versions with modal window does not work right with script blocking add-ons like uMatrix.
  • you guys cant have an idea of the help this does for studying my pdf papers
  • it is a very useful tool and it even translates pages and texts you want to write in other languages i would like a better automated translation translator into pages but it is a 4 star character from the rest!!
  • ne marche pas
  • Does not allow to translate the whole web page
  • It stopped working after the update to FF 72 (or the newer version of the extension itself which I can't be sure of) and complains about an inappropriate MIME type.