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  • Excelente
  • Would be great if it could translate on the same page
  • tot
  • Pretty good, just few things to improve:

    -to add: at least one more 'translate text' direction (eg. for translation from foreign language to own AND from own language to chosen foreign) - with access to both from right-click menu
    -to fix: add-on does not work on Firefox 'internal pages' (like about:addons etc.)

    Everything else is almost perfect. Simple and reliable.
  • Простота и минимализм 5 из 5
  • 能看懂大概,不過還是比較機器人
  • Why use this at all? Just keep open a tab on Google Translate instead. Or better yet, find an extension that actually does inline translations. There's a few on Firefox Addons.
  • خوب هست
  • it doesnt translate the language after you change the main one spanish
  • me ayuda a buscar lo que nesecito
  • I think this as a useful tool
  • genial una app genial
  • Pas possible de choisir le français par défaut à la place de l'espagnol.
  • 請ADD zh-TW 繁體中文語系
  • It does exactly what it claims to do.
    Whilst I would prefer to have a full page translation, this is simpler than copying and pasting a selection into a new web page - this extension does all the repetitive work for you.
  • Easy to use, make its job.
  • gut\
  • This extension is very easy to use and the functionality is reliable and pretty handy when I am exploring websites with a different language. Overall, very simple to use without taking in much space on screen!
  • It could be better to have a shortcut
  • 这和直接使用Google翻译有什么区别
  • this is add-on is very bad :(
  • todo
  • Very helpful when going to foreign sites that don't have a native English translation option.
  • Mi traduce in spagnolo, mentre io vorrei la traduzione in italiano.
  • 难道不能在原文旁边翻译出来吗?还要再打开一个网页,真的不是很方便。