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  • I do Genealogy using the open source program, Gramps. Help files are in the form of a huge wiki, therefore I make my own document with more precise info which includes a link to the wiki page. The wiki links were two or three lines long. TinyURL has reduced these perfectly.
    I was aware of TinyURL previously, but couldn't be bothered to locate it in my bookmarks. Only realized now that there is this add-on. Thanks for all your creative work.

  • Very nice and helpful. I do not see the (with preview) context entry though, no matter what I set in the options. Using Pale Moon 20.0.1 x64.

  • this addon makes sending messages and sharing links so clean. definitely will keep it for a long time.

  • A nice time saver!

  • No mucking about with other tabs, or any other go-seek-em games. A simple right click gives me exactly what I need.

  • Simple and very useful. Thanks.

  • Simple...and perfect.

  • Been using this for ages, and always hunt it down again when I get a new PC or reinstall FF. There are ones with more options, but this just does the job sweetly.

  • Works like it should but I wish it had a larger icon for easier clicking and viewing. The thing is extremely small.

    Developer response

    Hi David, Glad you find the add-on useful!

    Have you tried moving the icon from the add-on bar to the toolbar? This should increase its size; making it easier to use. You can do this by right-clicking the toolbar, selecting "Customise..." and then dragging the TinyURL icon from the add-on bar to wherever you like in the toolbar.

    If you need further help please contact me via the support email address.



  • I use twitter and facebook alot and tinyurl help me to share long link very easily.

  • I spend most of my time social networking and sharing. This add-on just made my life easier...
    On-the add-on bar or in the context menu, the shortened URL is just a click away.
    The great part is, not only does it create tiny URLs, it automatically copies it to the clipboard... I just have to Ctrl+V :)

  • I have to shorten links quite often.

    It used to take much time in the past. But this thing makes it so much faster.

    It only takes 3 clicks to make a url and paste it in the right place.


    Update: I'm using cutyfox with bit.ly now.

  • Works great (10.0.2), fast and easy to use! Good work.

  • TinyURL Generator is really easy to use and practical.... thank you!

  • I just wish there was some way to reposition the add on bar in firefox - tucked away at the bottom with just a tiny (no pun intended) logo I keep forgetting its there

    Developer response

    It's possible to move the icon from the add-on bar. If you right click the Toolbar and select Customise you will then be able to drag the icon from the add-on bar to wherever you want on the toolbar. Click done and the icon will appear in the toolbar from now on. Thanks for the review. Richard

  • Perfect on 7.0.1

  • I like the add-on a lot, my only problem with it is that it forces the Add-on Bar to display, even if I disable the Add-on Bar.
    I would like a future update to include an option to NOT display this in the Add-on Bar (thus removing the problem) or just not even listing in there to begin with. I have disabled the app for now as I cannot stand Xing out of the Add-on Bar upon every new instance of Firefox that I run.

    Developer response

    Hi Shawn,

    Apologies for taking such a long time to fix the problem but it is now fixed. Installing version 2.5.1 will make the add-on bar respect your wishes as to whether or not it appears.


  • This add-on is great, as always.

    I am not affiliated with the creator of this add-on. But here is a TEMPORARY fix until a new version is released. Use as you wish. For myself, it works perfectly on Firefox 6.0.


  • This is one of the most useful add on I've tried. Simple, yet efficient. No unnecessary features.
    Please consider support for FF 6. I'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  • Richard, just upgraded to FF6. Any info on timeline for when TinyURL will support it?

    Developer response

    Hi Graham,

    You'll be pleased to know that I have tested the add-on a version 9 nightly and it appears to work fine so I have upp'd its max version to 9. You may need to wait until 2.5.1 has been successfully reviewed before you receive the update though.


  • i use this tinyurl for one year..i love it..very simple, faster and work..make me easy to short my link..


  • Perfect add-on. Clean, simple and does what it's supposed to. 5*

  • Like hundreds before me......UPDATE FOR FF4!!

    I love this add-on and use it everyday for work!

  • please update!

  • Excellent! I just wish there was an ETA on a version compatible with FF4. Will rate 5 stars when it works with the latest version.